Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Dumbell of Couples or a Couple of Dumbells?

Okay, soon I'm going to end the poll on Thangarian pleasure devices. But before I do, I have to speak out on behalf of the "Dinner Party Dumbells", which haven't received many votes.

Whatever they are, they affected the Hawks pretty darned powerfully (and they aren't exactly delicate people). What's more, they saved Dwyanna and her husband's marriage (whoever they are). And the darned thing's STILL glowing.

So, apparently, is Hawkgirl...!

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Andrew Ironwood said...

Crap! And I'd managed to go fer almost a *year* without fantasizing about Hawkgirl - thanx a heap! (All it really took to break me was the 'sigh' -- okay, so I'm easy...)