Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oiling Up

toys 2
Originally uploaded by Scipio1.

This oiling up process (using an appropriately space-aged atomizer) is often part of Thanagarian foreplay.

Hawkgirl laps it up, while working that innocent "tee-hee" routine, as if she were Richie Rich's girlfriend, Gloria.

But she can't hide her true wild screaming animal nature; it reminds her of war paint. Rowwrr!!! Even I want Hawkgirl, the saucy minx!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't comment on this before, but a) I missed it the first time and b) I've been oiling up Hawkgirl in my private fantasies at least once a week for some time now, and this artwork doesn't nearly do it justice.

Tony said...

How come Chaykin never used this one? He'd hit it out of the park.