Thursday, June 23, 2005

Asskicking Angel

Asskicking Angel
Originally uploaded by Scipio1.



A Thanagarian will kick your ass using only aluminum kitchen utensils.

AND make some lovely snow angels in the process.


Harvey Jerkwater said...

The best part is that Katar delivers this humiliating beatdown on Mark Trail using Mark's own camping supplies. Boo-yah!

Gordon D said...

You know, why anyone would still support Rann is beyond me. I mean, you get a lame plastic helmet with a fin...but on Thanagar, full hawk-shaped head protection!

I mean, who wouldn't want a bad-as-heck helmet like that?

Harvey Jerkwater said...

I dunno, Adam Strange's Flash Gordon-esque helmet's kinda cool. The Thanagarian Hawk helmet looks more like something you'd have to wear after losing a bet.

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