Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Domino and Polaris

Hello, Internet; Doctor Domino here.

Last week I was in Japanese waters picking up a shipment of super-sarin and doing a bit of tie shopping. So I decided to swing the battleship over to visit my old college buddy, Doctor Polaris (or, as we used to call him behind his back at Dungeons & Dragons, "Anchorhead" Emerson).

We had an enjoyable time, but "Anchorhead", who could never hold his liquor, drank too much and "confessed" that he used to use his magnetic powers to reposition his figures during games.

Ha! The fool! As if Doctor Domino would not notice such a thing! Obviously he never figured out why I gave him a full set of PLASTIC D&D figures for Christmas during junior year. Doctor Domino always thinks ahead.

Anyway, we had lots of fun, but I think he became a tad jealous because I'm merely missing in limbo awaiting my eventual return while he's currently, well, dead. So, yesterday he sends me an email with a picture of himself, showing off for his friends at work:

Huh. Well, that may impress the boys at the office, but I've seen him hugging the toilet after tee many martoonis (which looks none too dignified with that helmet on), so I'm not impressed.

My gods, I bet he uses the close up in his Christmas cards this year.

But that's okay. I have a way to soon put old Anchorhead in his place. For I'm Doctor Domino; I'm thinking ahead; I have a plan... .


Doctor Polaris said...

You guys called me "Anchorhead"? I am sorely hurt.

And you need to get back in the game, fast! We need your unique style of villainy. These villains nowadays don't understand the importance of oddly-shaped headgear *or* the importance of over the top villainous declarations.

I miss the old days...

Scipio said...

"You guys called me "Anchorhead"?"

Affectionately, though.

SallyP said...

Ummm..."Doctor"? Are those ruffles on your shirt or chest hair, in that first picture?

Teehee. And don't mock Dr. Polaris. He's dreamy.