Sunday, December 31, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy...

... in this week's comics.

The reinvention of Abra Kadabra as an evil David Blaine ; wait ... is that redundant?

Best Exchange of the Week goes easily to LSH:
Dream Boy: "Brainy is about to announce a dangerous plan."
Cosmic Boy: "That's really not what I'd call a prediction."

From Justice: "It wasn't me. It was the ring Brainiac feared." No sh**, Sherlock. Even Alex Ross knows Hal's a conceited jackass.

The visual representation of Amazo's "memory salvage" in JLA; beautiful.

Oh my god; they killed Johnny Karaoke. That alone was worth the cover price!

I like the new Scarface. The old one never impressed me, but the new one does.

"Endless Winter"? Priceless; absolutely priceless. I official love JSA Confidential, Scott Beatty, and Doctor Mid-Nite.

The freeing of Mon-El from the Phantom Zone hit all the required classic notes but still seemed fresh & powerful its new context of being a means to an end.


Derek said...

Hey, don't hate on Johnny Karaoke.

He never would have been one of the big guns, but he had at least a couple more good guest stars left in him.

Such a waste...

David C said...

I loved the old Ventriloquist and Scarface, but the new one looks pretty good too.

There's a small hint that the new Ventriloquist is actually someone Batman (almost) recognizes - any ideas on who it might be?

Scipio said...

Yes, David, that's been bugging me, too.

The only thought I had was the Mannekin, a one-shot villain; scarred former supermodel.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Karaoke is the only reason I'm not outright angry about John Ostrander's fill-in. I guess I'm just surpised that an Ostrander story turned out this lame. Grotesk him/her?/itself is like something that wandered out of a particularly bad issue of Spawn.

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