Thursday, December 07, 2006

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • "Hello. I'm Jonah Hex, from Child Services... ."
  • The unpleasant return of Mister America.
  • The couple of Hourman and Liberty Belle, who you can just tell at a glance break furniture every time they have sex.
  • A lunatic JSA member who's headquartered at a sanitarium. Just like old times.
  • Is that ... Dawnstar's fringe? That is about the scariest thing I've seen all week.
  • Tom 'Cat.
  • Chief Warner, and her outfit. And if you do NOT recognize her, shame on you, for your comic fu is weak; ask Devon to explain it to you.
  • Ryan Choi's dad handing out discipline with a ruler. Hot.
  • Hey, Gail; thanks for the haiku (P.S. I knew it wasn't Ray's because I speak Anagramese ...)
  • The fate of Dwarfstar.
  • Every single page of the Shazam Showcase which, in one stroke, justifies the entire 1970s
  • The Joker at the McDonald's drive-through.
  • The return of Manhunter and a great guest appearance by Wonder Woman
  • Big thumbs up to you,, artist Don Kramer; the first time in a LONG time an artist has been able to draw the Joker not as a man who's smiling but rather as a man with a smile on his face.
  • Ralph's chat with "Supernova".
  • The Justice League Unlimited Christmas issue, which made me laugh, and cry and cry and cry and cry....


Anonymous said...

The Shazam Showcase was mad and brilliant, perfectly encapsulated by a panel in the third story, in which a talking tiger tour guide points to a display model of a worm in eyeglasses and says:

"He was the LAST worm to suffer the death penalty in this state -- also the FIRST!"

We learn a few panels later that Mr. Mind caused an earthquake at said museum for the sole purpose of GETTING HIS EYEGLASSES BACK.


rachelle said...

I frigging LOVED that conversation between Dibny and Supernova. See? Ralph's not so bad.

The Joker art was good in Detective this week, but the art on Bruce, Dick and Tim at the beginning was brutal. Though I did like seeing Bruce doing a mid-air forward roll outside the cabin window.

Oh man! I totally forgot to pick up the JLU Xmas issue!! Going to get it now!

Batman Confidential made me cry and cry and cry. More on that later...

Anonymous said...

Wha? Dawnstar is back? I haven't picked up this weeks books yet, so what do I have to add to see her back?

Mike Nielsen

Anonymous said...

Just an arm, on a "Coming Attractions" page of Justice Society Of America #1.

Anonymous said...

That's ok then. I already get that book, so I'm not picking up, say Nightwing, for it. :)

Mike Nielsen

Anonymous said...

Got a question about Atom #6; did I miss a crossover issue where he saved El Presidente? Or did they just figure that no one really wanted him to save Dubya, and just cut back to Ivy Town?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the Joker wasn't at a McDonald's drive through, but rather a Jack-in-the-Box; they definitely do egg nog shakes this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Scipio, I think that you would very much enjoy the current limited series Dr. Strange: The Oath.

Pa Kent to Batman: "So ... you're from Gotham." From which book is this quote?

Anonymous said...

As usual, my list is pretty much the same, but I've got some Marvel smudged on it.

The Marvel Holiday Special was a hoot, with great glimpses of the annual A.I.M Christmas party, and a tale where Fin Fang Foom saves Christmas.

Nick said...

This weeks Batman was the best Joker story this decade.

I don't know how Morrison can top it next year.

Scipio said...

Pa Kent "versus" Batman is in this month's Justice League Unlimited.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

I'm assuming the Hex 'quote' is paraphrased from this month's issue? If not, please let me know from whence it came.