Monday, December 18, 2006

Supersize Her!

There are so many things that made me happy this week in comics. Why, the Dr. Thirteen story and the Infinite Holiday Special themselves made being alive worthwhile, in so many ways.

  • Traci Thirteen's evening gown and dinner selection.
  • I, too, love Bat-Santa.
  • Tawky Crawky's public debut.
  • "PULSAR Master of Sound"

But nothing made me happier than Wizard.

Unlikely, no?

Specifically, this (from an interview with Adama Hughes, writer and artist on the upcoming All-Star Wonder Woman):

The six-issue arc will even feature the debut of an Adam Hughes-pencilled, plus-sized, junk-food-eating hero -- original Wonder Woman sidekick Etta Candy. "I'm desperate to have her in there and to work in 'Woo! Woo!' at one point," he laughs.


rachelle said...

Etta Candy! AWE-SOME!

That Bat-Santa comic was rad. "Super Wrapping Paper!"

Anonymous said...

oh noes, im kinda weary, being that hughes is infamous for pin-ups...

Etta is awesome...but if he drops some weight off her and tries to draw her pin-up styley i'll be a tad unhappy, she doesnt need to be drawn sexy, she's a dame who dont care, and confidence is sexy!

SallyP said...

Oh, this is going to be rich...and I mean that in the best way possible.

Jeff R. said...

I take it "I Get Ivo. We owe him for Steel and Vibe" was left off the quotes of the month specifically to make sure there was a real competetion this time...?

(Validation code: drshvt. Dr. Shvt would make an excellent Wonder Woman villian.)

Scipio said...

You be surpised, Jeff, that I hated that quote.

Much as I love Brad, his is a world in which all superheroes seem to one another equally well.

I don't think Black Canary ever even met Vibe or Steel. More important, Ivo was not directly responsible for their deaths; he was mortified when he learned one of his creations had killed them... .

Jeff R. said...

The original leaguers met the Detroit gang in the big anneversary issue around that time (250?).

And Ivo's been characterized as obsessed with killing the league's children/successors far more often than he was characterized as remorseful (this is the guy who's robot assassins went around trying to kill Kents and Queens in the 30th century...)

Nick said...

I demand the Bat-Santa story have it's Elseworlds logo removed and gets put into continuity.

/dclaqtpq - Detective Comics Legends Annual Quarterly: The perfect Quake (Cataclysm III)

Anonymous said...

>>his is a world in which all superheroes seem to one another equally well. <<

Wait wait! his is a world in which they WHAT to one another?

Anonymous said...

Me, earlier >>Wait wait! ... WHAT ...<<

Not kidding. I really can't tell what you're saying here. They all seem to ... something ... equally well. But what is the something that they equally well all do? That's my question.

Scipio said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess they do.
Thank you.

Leonard said...

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