Thursday, July 06, 2006

Von Dort? Von Dort?

You remember Willi Von Dort, don't you? Of course you do. He was the "Dick Dastardly" figure in "The Widowmaker", a story we devoted a whole week to here at the Absorbascon, to the horror of many.

As you'll recall, Willi wanted to kill Batman for beating the snot out of his poppa, General Von Dort, an incident Batman could barely remember, but still snarkily rubbed it in Willi's face, just so:

No matter how many times I see Batman in that hat, it still stupefies.

Did you think that was just a bit of flimsy backstory crafted for Willi to give him motivation to kill Batman? Think again.

If you'll go to your local Big Monkey Comics store, then purchase a copy of the newly-released Showcase Present: The Elongated Man, and turn to page 297, what will you see?

Batman knocking out General Von Dort ...

at the climax of a team-up with the Elongated Man. Yep, it really happened in previous continuity.

Sweet, sweet continuity.


Daniel said...

Who doubted?

Anonymous said...

The absolute best part is that this story is seriously saying Batman driving blind is in continuity.

Also "Bat-stuff" is real

Anonymous said...

How is Batman's body accomplishing that pose?

Brandon Bragg said...

That thing Batman's wearing is just a couple of attachable bottles away from being a beer-hat.

Scipio said...

"How is Batman's body accomplishing that pose?"

Years of rigorous training in cubism.

"That thing Batman's wearing is just a couple of attachable bottles away from being a beer-hat."

Another missed opportunity by DC.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

Fredrick Wertham would have had a field day with a Batman whose lower torso could rotate 180 degrees.

Anonymous said...

In the Silver Age section of the Batman Guide, it points out that "General Van Dort and his Nazi cronies" was one of the groups the Elongnated Man took down. Thanks for bringing this to the public eye, man.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Do you think he made the goggles big enough? Add a little Elmer's glue and a handful of glitter and he's a NASCAR-drivin' Elton John!

Leon said...

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