Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gracias, meng!

My special thanks to webhero Art Williams, who created the Absorbascon's new logo!

Art -- chu not sad; chu bad!


Bully said...

It looks fantastic, Scipio...Art did a great job.

But I think you've got the width set slightly wrong in your HTML--the header looks stretched a distorted a little. Try setting the width tag to 896 in the header section of your Blogger template (or some variable that puts it in scale with the height tag. It currently is being stretched a little wider than it should be).

kalinara said...

It's a great logo! Very cool! Only way it could be better would be an ominous yellow ceiling tile just above Hal's head. :-)

Scipio said...

They are BURSTING with pride, is what they are, at the first of the next generation to be worthy to join their ranks.

Except for being, you know, dead.

Scipio said...

I do not want the height at 306, thank you; I specifically changed it.

Anonymous said...

No offense to Art Williams, but shouldn't Tom Derenick get some credit in the creation of the logo. Especially since he, you know, created the art you so prominently feature?

Scipio said...

It is not for me to bestow "credit", only thanks.

Tom did not draw that picture especially for me on my request; Art made a nice logo out of it to my specifications on my request.

Art did me a favor; Tom did not.

Gregory said...

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