Saturday, July 22, 2006

Doom Patrol The Movie

Doom Patrol: The Movie.

I ... I just keep saying it. Hoping that, if I say it often enough, it will become comprehensible somehow.

"Doom Patrol... The Movie"

I don't know, it's not that is oxymoronic, exactly, just ... hard to wrap my tiny brain around. It's like saying, for example, "The Appeal of Guy Gardner". I accept that it exists, but can't understand what it might be.

But there is going to be a Doom Patrol film, so I'd better start getting used to the idea. Perhaps you can help by offering casting suggestions for this, er, "Doom Patrol: The Movie". Assume that the roles include at least:

  • Beast Boy
  • Elasti-Girl
  • Mento
  • Negative Man
  • Robotman
  • The Chief
  • (possibly) M'sieur Mallah & the Brain

Please confine your suggestions to actors who are physically appropriate for the role. I say this specifically because ever time I read a "let's cast a movie thread", people make lots of suggestions for actors who would have been perfect for a role about 15 or 20 years before (because they know those actors from movies made then). You know, ridiculous suggestions like "Jack Nicholson as the Joker" (oh, snap!).

It's also important to take general physical condition into account when casting spandex-clad heroes; it's not like anyone's going to cast "David Ogden Stiers as the Martian Manhunter"; I mean, that would be crazy.

Please also factor in race ("Michael Clarke Duncan" as the Kingpin"), accent ("Dolph Lungren as the Punisher"), and acting chops ("Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane").


Anonymous said...

Ving Rhames as the Kingpin? Your other examples really happened; is there something I don't know about, or did you just get your largish black bald actors confused?

Scipio said...

I did indeed; never saw the movie, you know....

Steven said...

Not that Michael Clarke Duncan would make a bad M'ssuer Mallah (in his Planet of the Apes costume, of course). And Peter Dinklage as the Brain!

It's an odd casting requirement that the actors look like the characters, when at least half would have to be done with costumes and CGI. As a voice, I'd love John "Bender" DiMaggio as Robot Man, Ben Stiller as Negative Man, and Haley Joel Osment as Beast Boy.

For the three characters who's faces we can see, Parker Posey (who SHOULD have been Lois) as Elasti-Girl, Patrick Warburton as Mento, and Hugh Laurie as Chief!

But what about Rhebus, the Brotherhood of Dada, or Danny the Street?!

Scipio said...

I think it unlikely that any but the classic Doom Patrol members would be in their first feature film, particularly since the current team now so closely resembles the original one.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I LIKE Guy Gardner!

Anonymous said...

Was not seeing "Daredevil" part of your global "no Marvel" policy, or just because it was bad movie?

re: Guy Gardner

"Sitting here in limbo, but I know it won't be long . . . .
Watching Kari Limbo, watching Hal string her along..
Well she's putting up resistance
But I know his charm will lead her on..."

Scipio said...

"Was not seeing "Daredevil" part of your global "no Marvel" policy, or just because it was bad movie? "

The latter. I generally enjoy Marvel movies; it's their comics I don't like.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...first of all, you'd need someone who can pull off an average-joe attitude, with a gruff voice, for Cliff Steele/ about that guy from the Shield, Michael Chiklis. Then you need a cocky youngster to play test-pilot Larry Trainor/Negative Man: I vote Chris Evans, he pulled off 'cocky' well in "Not Another Teen Movie". Since Chief/Dr. Niles Caulder is smart, we need a foreigner with an accent, because everybody knows smart people have accents: Ioan Gruffudd, the guy who played Lancelot in the "King Arthur" had a cool accent. Finally, for Rita/ElastiGirl, the emotional center of the team, a classic beauty like Jessica Alba (a brunette, so you won't have to dye her hair).

Nah, that would never work.

Anonymous said...

William H. Macy as The Chief.

Too obvious?

And as a huge fan of hers, I love the idea of Parker Posey playing Rita Farr, but we all know she's thrice as likely to end up playing Madame Rouge.

That said, casting with an eye to quirkier actors best known for "character" roles should be the watchword with this film.

Scipio said...

"That said, casting with an eye to quirkier actors best known for "character" roles should be the watchword with this film."

Hadn't occurred to me that way; very smart call.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that Morrison should direct it, it's the only way he'll get over not been paid royalties for The Matrix

Anonymous said...

I suggest Thomas Hayden Church for Negative Man. He usually clicks well with media based on comics. I loved him as Killer Moth on the Toon Titans and from the trailers I've seen, he kicks ass as The Sandman. I also nominate Ron Perlman for Mallah or the Brain, since he wouldn't have to appear on screen for either role (for those not aware of his voive acting skills, see Slade).

Anonymous said...

Negative Man is a "cocky youngster?"

Sure. Uh, I think the "quirkier character actors" is a great idea, with the exception of Rita Farr, whose not-so-secret ID was a movie star anyway. Rita should be played by one of the most famous actresses around IMHO.

So, Bill Paxton as the stoic and sometimes whining voice of Robotman, Paul Best (Sherrif Roscoe from the Dukes of Hazard!)as the Chief. Matthew Modine as Negative Man. Angelina Jolie as Rita Farr and Brad Pitt as Mento. Rutger Hauer voicing the Brain, or if he won't do it - William Shatner, just to make me laugh. Kevin Peter Hall as Monsieur Mallah.

Anonymous said...

So, Scipio, whom actor would you choose as the Joker for the next Batman film?

J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said...

ZOMG!!!11! Doom Patrol Movie! I hope it's not delayed 20 years like the Watchmen has been.

Anonymous said...

Why thenk you, Scipio.

I like Tom Hayden Church for Negative Man. I can see him as a former test pilot.

And I agree that Rita should likely have the most "mainstreamy" actor cast, though not necessarily the most famous.

Jean Reno for the voice of M'sieur Mallah (assuming Mallah has a French accent)! That leaves Ron Perlman free to voice Robotman, which he simply must do.

Anonymous said...

With any luck, this DP movie will be good, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.
It would be nice to see Rebis, Crazy Jane and Danny the Street, but the original lineup has a certain charm as well.
If a movie version causes DC to release a "Showcase Presents: Doom Patrol" volume than I'll be happy, regardless.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed there weren't a lot of suggestions thrown around for Beast Boy. Just a quick question; would he be animated or an actor with a lot of make-up?

kalinara said...

Aww, Guy Gardner's got a lot of appeal! You just gotta know how to look!

As for a Doom Patrol movie...well, it could be cool...

Anonymous said...

Okay, stay with me.

I love William H. Macy, but not as the Chief. He should be Mento. He manages to be both detached and alien and warm and human in almost every performance he gives. See him in Sports Night or any David Mamet movie.

David Ogden Stiers should be the Chief; he has the puffed out, brainy quality the character needs. He radiates it.

Mark Ruffalo as Negative Man. He can play angry, cocky, and tortured all at the same time -- see him on Broadway in Clifford Odets' Awake and Sing! if you don't believe me.

Robotman? Gruff, but immediately likeable -- Bruce Willis plays this character in all three Die Hard movies. Plus, he's used to wacky sci-fi -- didja see The Fifth Element?

Wilmer Valderrama from That 70's Show would be the goofy Beast Boy. I don't think it would tax his, ahem, acting skill.

And, of course, (since this is, after all, a dream cast) Miss Julia Roberts would be Elasti-Girl.


padgett said...

Steven, we may disagree on other issues, but I am glad someone out there understands that Parker Posey was born to play Lois.

That said, she'd also make a decent Rita Farr and would give her significantly more personality than I recall her having (and could really convey the sense of Rita being monumentally put out that she had to leave her acting career to become a freak)

And, while I can never argue against Ron Perlman in a film, it's a shame to waste him on a character whose face we don't see. I can think of no other actor who works as hard as he does to actually convey emotion while covered in layers of latex. Maybe he should play Mallah.

Anonymous said...

What I've been hearing off and on for at least three years now, is that there was a "Crazy Jane" movie in the pipeline...NOT a Doom Patrol movie. Just "Crazy Jane".

Scipio said...

"Robotman? Gruff, but immediately likeable -- Bruce Willis "

You know, that's what I was thinking, too.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd say Ron Perlman for Robotman, just because he'd be willing to go through with the thirty hours of costuming and make-up for it instead of CGI.

And Peter Dinklage can't play the Brain--he has to play Dr. Psycho in the Wonder Woman movie.

Anonymous said...

It's fine to dislike Kate Bosworth's portrayal, but positively ludicrous to suggest that Parker Posey is the perfect Lois Lane. Posey turns 38 this year. She is more than a decade older than Brandon Routh. Posey has excellent acting chops and stronger film credentials than Bosworth -- but casting her as Lois Lane would introduce an entire "Ashton Kutcher - Demi Moore" element that the media loves to gleefully obsess over.

It would have been a completely unnecessary distraction in the film.

Just like Jessica Alba was far too young to be a credible Sue Storm, Parker Posey is too old to be a sensible choice as Lois Lane.

Anonymous said...

Scipio says it himself:

"Please confine your suggestions to actors who are physically appropriate for the role. I say this specifically because ever time I read a "let's cast a movie thread", people make lots of suggestions for actors who would have been perfect for a role about 15 or 20 years before."

Parker Posey would have been great 15 years ago. But she's the wrong choice for Lois Lane in the year 2006.

Anonymous said...

Kiera Knightley as Rita Farr.

And nothing else matters.

Steven said...

Giamatti as the voice of the Brain is genius, but John Cleese? As Mallah? That's so wrong. Part of the fun of Mallah is that he has a ridiculous French accen...

... oh.

Carry on.

Steven said...

And it would be crazy to think that a 38 year old reporter would have a Pulitzer Prize and a 6 year old son, but it makes COMPLETE sense for a 23 year old to have both.

I mean, you do get that Kate Bosworth, who is playing AT LEAST 30 year old Lois Lane, is younger than Erica Durance, who is playing 20 year old Lois Lane.

Anonymous said...

William Shatner would make a great Mr. Nobody. He'd be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steven,

My point about Parker Posey was NOT a) that Kate Bosworth is old enough to have a pulitzer, nor b0 that Kate Bosworth is old enough to have a 6 year old son, nor c) that Kate Bosworth is younger than Erica Durrance but rather that Parker Posey is over a decade older than Brandon Routh. I stand by that statement, and it remains factually true.

I never said Kate Bosworth was a good choice. I just said that Parker Posey does not strike me as the automatic selection that people argue she is.

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how relevant Erica Durrance recuurring role in Smallville is to Parker Posey's suitability in Superman Returns. It seems like a misguided argument. They're 2 entirely different projects.

For the record: Tom Welling was born in 1977. Erica Durrance is a year younger, born in 1978. The casting seems logical.

Brandon Routh was born in 1979. Parker Posey is over a decade older, born in 1968.

I like Parker Posey. I think she is a great actress. I wasn't crazy about Kate Bosworth's casting. But I'm not sure why people think Parker Posey was born to play Lois Lane. There aren't any other actresses who could play the role and also stay in Brandon Routh's age range? That seems short-sighted.

Anonymous said...

Robotman - Bruce Willis is the perfect choice.
Negative Man - Someone who can convey intensity just with his voice, like Matt Dillon or Hugo Weaving.
Elasti-Girl - Eva Longoria. Because imagine a fifty-foot tall Eva Longoria. :D
Chief - Jim Broadbent.
Mento - I really like the William H. Macy suggestion.
Beast Boy - Wilmer Valderrama was an inspired suggestion for this role.

The Brain - Rutger Hauer
Monsieur Mallah - Jean Reno (mostly for the accent) or Ron Perlman.
Madame Rouge - Catherine Zeta-Jones or Angelina Jolie.

Steven said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'll make this quick. I think that Parker Posey would be more believable in the role of an accomplished journalist and mother than someone much younger. You agree that Parker Posey is a great actress. In fact, your ONLY objection to her playing Lois Lane is not her age per se, but her age in relation to Brandon Routh. Yes?

To which I say,--

There aren't any other actors who could play the role and also stay in Parker Posey's age range? That seems short-sighted. To me, at least.



Anonymous said...

I disagree, for a simple reason. Starting off a franchise with actors close to 40, especially if the main characters are supposed to be around 30, is the definition of short-sighted. Although it may very well be interesting, I doubt that Grampa Supes' neverending battle for truth, justice and old age security is great summer blockbuster material.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, it could indeed be. Just because the comic companies short-sightedly refuse to let the characters age is no reason for the movie companies to follow along. Old Crotchety Superman was the best part of IC.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steven,

Well, the movie WAS called "Superman Returns" and not "Lois Lane Returns." Which might explain why Brandon Routh is more critical to the film than Parker Posey. But whatever, man. We can both do whatever fantasy casting we want to do in our head. I'm okay with you having Parker Posey as the Lois Lane of your dreams. Cool? Cool.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Campbell should be Cliff Steele. Bruce has the same prominent chin as Robotman.

Unknown said...

The Robotman needs an actor who can express sorrow and depression and, ath the same time, a leadership spirit. Edward Norton would be the man. He made a great job as the king of The Crusade (with the face covered by a mask), and he also did a good Bruce Banner in the second hulk (and helped in the script too).

Larry Trainor (Negative Man) would be Zachary Quito. He can act a misterious and somehow unballanced personality.

I would love to see Eva Green as the Elasti-woman (or Elati-girl, whatever); but I think she wouldn't agree. So she can be anyone. Anyone GOOD I mean. NOT Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson or others like those.

The Chief needs a not-so-slim actor, with a strong personality and serious voice. Maybe Javier Bardem could be a good one. Other possibility is to find an theather veteran. I don't know why, but I think an britsh accent would be nice.

As villains for the first movie. It should be Monsieur Mallah and The Brain.

The most important however is to have a good script. I dont think a superhero history like those of the x-men movies would work with the Doom Patrol. The story has to be more terror and suspense than an action movie.

Anonymous said...

Ok people
ive done my reseach and lil bro says that negative man needs to be ron perlman i dont know why but he told me to post it