Saturday, July 29, 2006

Slick Chick Nicks Pick

"Which Custom Clix should I have made next?" poll results:

  1. Jimmy Olsen 50 votes
  2. The Royal Flush Gang 35 votes
  3. Max Mercury 25 votes
  4. Professor Radium 22 votes
  5. Hugo Strange 21 votes
  6. Angle Man 19 votes
  7. Dr. Polaris 19 votes
  8. Black Hand 12 votes
  9. Amos Fortune 12 votes

What IS it with Jimmy Olsen? The kids today, they love the Jimmy Olsen.

I'll be having all of these figures made, eventually. But it does my heart good to see the high placement of the Royal Flush Gang-- no doubt as a result of their recent gripping storyline by Steve Englehart. Ahem.

Max Mercury is clearly a sentimental favorite for all us Impulse fans, but I'm delight that Professor Radium squeaked ahead of his better-known competitors. Such is the rejuvenative power of "Battle for Bludhaven".

Actually, this entire matter has inspired me to encourage Totaltoyz to produce an entire "Special Collector's Set" of nothing but Jimmy Olsen clix. You know:

  • Wolfman Olsen
  • Porcupine Olsen
  • Speed Demon Olsen
  • Elastic Lad Olsen
  • Aquatic Jimmy Olsen
  • The Cosmic Brain Olsen
  • Turtle Boy Olsen
You KNOW people would buy it.


Anonymous said...

love this blog

Anonymous said...

Turtle Boy Olsen

Steven said...

Wha? No Doomsday Olsen?

Anonymous said...

Wolfman Olsen! See him angst and date large-breasted aliens!

Scipio said...

Heh; nice one.

Anonymous said...

How could you leave out all the cross-dressed Jimmy Olsens--there should be at least on in the set.


Anonymous said...

Oops--obviously, I meant "at least one", and not "on". That's just silly.


Anonymous said...

If I do an Olsen Collector's Set, I'll have to include the Red-Headed Beatle of 1,000 B.C.

And Scipio, you know you won't get on my good side dissing Steve Englehart. I'm an Englehartian from way back. Pre-Avengers/Defenders War, in fact.

(Verification word: PIXZO. Sounds like an android with all the powers of Mr. Mxyzptlk, Bat-Mite, Mopee and Quisp.)

Scipio said...

"How could you leave out all the cross-dressed Jimmy Olsens"

Because I assumed there'd be ANOTHER special collector's set of Disguise Kit Jimmy Olsen's (including Dick Hunter, Elevator Boy).

Anonymous said...

I don't even play HeroClix -- I don't dare -- but I would snap up a Special Collectors' Set of Jimmy Olsen with a Giant Turtle Boy faster than you could even imagine. I bought a 24-inch Fantastic Four Thing from Wal-Mart a little while back in order to make a properly-scaled I need to find another one because it occurs to me it would be perfect for Giant Turtle Boy as well.

Anonymous said...

Okay, waiting for someone to make a pun about a 24-inch Thing...

Your Obedient Serpent said...


Oh, and while I agree with the lameness of the current Engleheart JLA/JSA Classified Arc, "The Laughing Fish" is quite possibly the BEST Joker Story Ever.

Scipio said...

Actually, it's a simple re-tread of the original Joker story:

Joker announces planned murders over the airwaves;
defies authorities to stop him;
Batman and police struggle against clever ruses and death-traps involving joker-venom;
Joker and Batman in rooftop confrontation;
Joker falls from great height.

In the original story, however, the Joker was smarter (all STEALING things from the people he killed) and more terrifying (chatting casually with rooms full of dead people).

"The Laughing Fish" is certainly not better than that.