Monday, July 09, 2007

Society Signatures: The Spectre

For those of you just tuning in, I've been searching for signature phrases for myself, culled from the utterances of the Justice Society. Saturday, we got Alan Scott's scampish entry, followed by Wesley Dodd's ribald riposte on Sunday.

Today we visit the corpse of Jim Corrigan. Surely the Spectre will have something awe-inspiring to say!


Hm, that's a little more ... pedestrian that what I was hoping for, Spec. And less grammatical.
By the way, a note to all you Halloweeners out there; if the Spectre comes Trick or Treating, do NOT give him sourballs. He won't be amused and neither will your next of kin.
Got anything with some more pizzazz, Jimbo?

Ooo! That's fabulous! "Oom's trickery!" is the kind of thing that rolls off your tongue. Plus, it sounds great boomed at top volume at Lauriol Plaza when your waiter brings you a watered down soda.

Still, I'd be kind of worried to use it. It sounds sort of D&D, you know? Wouldn't want anyone to think I was a geek... .

What else ya got?

Well, yes, that does have a ring to it. But people have heard me say that a thousand times already. And that was just at my last birthday party. Besides, I'm looking for something pithier.

Perfect. That'll do nicely. And I can use it every time I finally get the dog to fall asleep.


Anonymous said...


Good lord, the Spectre must have invented the Internet!

Anonymous said...

I would've bet on "Ya-ya. Ya can't catch me!" from just a few months ago.

Christine Smith said...

The internet is a creation of the wrath of God?

That explains everything.

Anonymous said...

Everybody will think you're singing "notorious!"

In certain circles you can never come back from that.

SallyP said...

Well, I rather liked the throbbing and pulsating, but that's probably because I have read Romance novels in my time.

Anonymous said...

"Oom's trickery!"

I remember the All-Star Squadron issues when Oom and Mister Who were on the same villain team. Made for some interesting dialogue.

"Whom are you addressing?"
"Not whom, Oom!"
"Not you!"

Siskoid said...

Unlimited bandwidth... throbbing... pulsing through my Torrents!!!

(Word verification: vtvdud... sounds on point)

Devon Sanders said...

Lauriol Plaza?


Your sense of taste is as dead as The Spectre.