Saturday, July 14, 2007

HC Objects: Green K

Remember those halycon days when every two-bit heistman who could afford a thin tie and a sharp hat to wear at his bank jobs had a pocketful of kryptonite at his disposal?

That way, he'll be dead and embarrassed about it.

Well, now, kids, you can relive those silver days with this kryptonite pog:

It'll cost you 15 points to swap this sucker out for one of the regular objects at the beginning of the game. Whenever it's within Superman's range, the Kryponite pog cancels out any powers on his dial, as well as any Team Ability.

The lead shield is for your opponent to use. When holding it Superman isn't affected by the Kryptonite, but he can't make ranged attacks. The lead shield, however, is useless if the person holding the kryptonite is adjacent to Superman. Superman cannot carry another object or figure while he is holding the lead shield.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I remember when the Collateral Damage set came out there was a lot of talk about items like this. Never happened though, we just got teleport pads and whatnot.

Any ideas for the other colors of Kryptonite? Maybe Red K allows you to replace any power on his dial? Could be useful to cancel HSS or RCE by putting in Earthbound or Battle Fury.

Luke said...

Neat! Great idea, Scipio. I assume that the kryptonite would also effect Supergirl in a similar manner? Or any other Kryptonians, I suppose.

I would add one rule for the Kryptonite, though: whenever your opponent's Superman has his powers cancelled out by it, he or she MUST, in their best Superman voice, exclaim, "Oh no! That... *fill-in the blank* was made of... kryptonite!"

Keep up the great blogging, Scip!

Anonymous said...

Wait...their plan is to blame Superman for the housing crash?