Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • The Awesome Human Flying Fish.
  • Batman completely pwned the Legion of Super Heroes. Priceless.
  • Catman's "dear John" letter.
  • Cal Durham's cape, with all its glorious pointlessness and impracticality.
  • Finally, after decades, someone put a stop to Wally's incessant interior monologue. Maybe I'll be able to stand him now!
  • I keep trying to drop Catwoman; but I can't because Will Pfeiffer writes it too well.
  • Stryker's Island is west of Metropolis? Hm. That's strange... .
  • Billy and the ants.
  • Kryptonian babootch reference? Nice.
  • The real Awesome Human Flying Fish.
  • Dr. Allard's accident. Certainly didn't see THAT coming, Tad!
  • Wow; do NOT screw with Oracle.
  • He's come along way from being a Killer Elvis, hasn't he? Or has he?
  • The "Rude Mechanicals"? Genius. Kurt Busiek should just be forced to generate villains for Superman 8 hours a day.
  • You do realize that's not really Athena, don't you?
  • The sideburns make Tim Drake really really hot.
  • So ... THAT's who's behind Amazons Attack. Clever, Will; didn't see it coming.
  • Batman using the Siamese Human Knot? So brilliant I almost fainted.
  • It's not a soldier's job to stop war, Superman; just to win it.
  • The real frickin' Awesome Human Flying Fish, people!
  • The Punishment of Inertia. Now, that's legendary, and I mean that literally.
  • If you think coffee makes you irritable, well, don't try kryptonite.
  • Batman holding a baby. Works every time.
  • Oh my god, it's the Robin Revenge Squad!
  • "Una"? Cute.
  • Billy and the cockroaches.
  • People beating up Kobra. Works every time.
  • Well, of course that's what the Palmerverse looks like. What did you expect?
  • Dirty, stinking Rannians fear the Absorbascon? Damned right they do!
  • The real frickin' Awesome Human Flying Fish kicking butt!
  • For those who don't catch it, that one panel is from Jimmy Olsen #44, "The Wolf-Man of Metropolis", which is reprinted in the new trade, "The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen", available at Big Monkey Comics.
  • Why Holly leaves Gotham.
  • Enforcing respect for teachers.
  • The return of "the Jimmy Olsen Look" and the reason for it.
  • Okay; didn't expect to see a Batman costume come out of that.
  • The ad for the Iceberg Lounge.
  • GIGANTIC Captain Marvel!
  • So ... THAT's who's behind the sinking of San Diego. Clever, Tad; didn't seen it coming.
  • The Return of the Kryptonite Monkey. I just love the Kryptonite Monkey.
  • The real frickin' Awesome Human Flying Fish kicking Aquafake's butt!


Brian said...

"Stryker's Island is west of Metropolis? Hm. That's strange... ."

I always thought metropolis was in Delaware. So Stryker's COULD be in the Chesapeake Bay.

SallyP said...

I can only assume Scipio that you REALLY like the Human Flying Fish People?

And yes, you do NOT mess with Oracle.

Anonymous said...

i'd love it in the future if you could cite what you're reading in the "what made me happy" - i've picked books up i normally wouldn't because of this blog, and sometimes i just don't know where to be looking.

no "mister sexypants" made you happy from this week's the spirit? for SHAME!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Alex. While it seems like you read most of my monthly list, every week you include something that catches my interest, and I'd like to know what comic that was in to go buy it. Thanks for your hard work!

Scipio said...

Not trying to hide info! Just not wanting to be a spoiler and hoping to let other readers look for things themselves.

If there is anything that piques interest in particular, tell me, and I will gladly let you know where I saw it!

Anonymous said...

I always thought metropolis was in Delaware.

I've heard that before, and as someone who lives in Delaware, I don't buy it. Our largest city is smaller than O'Hare Airport.

Anonymous said...

I think it's established that the DCU Earth is just a little bit bigger in total than our Earth.

argh.sims said...

Yeah, otherwise Central City wouldn't fit in North America.

Captain Infinity said...

I keep trying to drop Catwoman; but I can't because Will Pfeiffer writes it too well.

Ain't that the truth! I picked up Catwoman #46 during a slow month with the intention of only reading "a couple of issues." Pfeiffer won't let me get away!

Anonymous said...

I'd cut pretty much every DC title except Blue Beetle before I would cut Catwoman. Well, and Manhunter whenever it gets back.

Christine Smith said...

Wait. The Legion totally pwn Batman? Not in the Brave and the Bold /I/ bought. Much to my sorrow, we see more 'grrr, Batman can't be beat' crap.

Seeing Perez draw the Legion was niiiice, though.

Also.... what? Batman fights /this/ Karate Kid? Where are we gonna see him taking note that he's fought alternate versions of the same guy? Or is B&B to be taken out of continuity?

Also, can I nominate a little girl beating up a whole squad of ninjas and police officers as a happy-making moment?

Christine Smith said...

Oh. I read it the wrong way. The way I WANTED to read it. Bleh.

Am I the only one getting sick of Batman?

Christine Smith said...

OH! And did it occur to anyone that after issue 11 of JLA they should be kicking themselves for not inviting Aquaman to the team? Jeez, a total Justice League Aquaman moment, and there's no Aquaman to save the day. The injustice!

Chance said...

I'm with Christa... I can't get excited about Batman pwning people who are vastly more powerful than he is. I like to see him shine as a detective and martial artists, and I like the idea that he can plan well enough to thwart super-powered beings, but I guess my belief is just to gravity-bound to suspend to the point where I cheer when he pwns the Legion or Amazo.

...Tho the White Martians bit in Morrison's JLA was handled well.

Patrick C said...

He played on the fact they underestimated him. He threw a simple smoke bomb, sucker punched brainy, stole his ring and made his escape. Triplicate girl is 3 normal girls, and Karate Kid was fought to a standstill. The rest was mostly through hiding and subterfuge. I thought it was a well written and believable battle.

MaGnUs said...


"Una" is not cute, it's just the female word for "One" in Spanish... she should just call herself "Girl" now :P

And I guess that if she's down to just the one body, she no longer is a member of the Legion, since she lacks superpowers.

Christine Smith said...

The question I have: Is 'Una' just one of Luornu's triplicates, or did she lose two triplicates? Or did she lose the power entirely?

I'm with Scip. I think the name's cute.

As for Batman pwning..... we've seen him pwn so damn much that he's become what he should never be: invincible. The more we see him defeating amazing amounts of powered beings, the more he turns from 'regular human trained to peak performance' into 'can't be defeated by anyone, ever.' And he doesn't even have bat-kryptonite.

At the same time, he didn't really defeat the Legion so much as escaped-and-evaded. And even I gotta say: Brainy SO had it coming.

Chance said...

"Distract and run away" is the most Batman ought to be able to do with the Legion.

Eh, I miss the days when Batman would trip over a sleeping dog.

Anonymous said...

Total props to whomever designed the Birds of Prey page layout with the reveal of the people coming to stand by Oracle's side against Spy Smasher. I got to the first 2 page spread, and was pretty impressed at who showed up. Then I turned the page, and saw the beauty that was the second-in-a-row two page spread. I said, out loud, "oh Snap!"...I'm not in the habit of talking to my comics.

Yopu are correct NOT screw with Oracle.

Scipio said...

I had that same reaction!

Except for the "snap" part.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually say "Oh snap"? And what does it mean, anyway? Is it just some random exclamation? Could it as easily be "oh fish"?

And I'm sure I'd be moved to try all kinds of different comics from the various things listed here, but half the time I have no clue to which comic a comment refers.

Anonymous said...

Stryker's Island is in the West River, between the island of New Troy (where downtown Metropolis is, mostly) and the Queensland Park neighborhood.

Thus, for most Metropolitans, it's to the west,

Glad you liked the Rude Mechanicals!


MaGnUs said...

Yes, I agree, Batman should not be undefeatable; if he had done more than distract-and-evade the Legion, then I'd be kind of pissed.

ZOMG, it's Kurt Busiek!!! Kurt, thanks for the good stories, and for the correct Spanish dialogue in Superman #663. You wouldn't believe how many of your coleagues can't be bothered to do that kind of thing right.

Anonymous said...

>>Does anyone actually say "Oh snap"?<<

While you're up, how the heck is "pwned" pronounced?