Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We interrupt our regularly scheduled derision of the Justice Society for this breaking news:


"Robot plane fly fast!
Dive for the ground at full speed!"
says Wonder Woman.

I'll say this for her; it takes substantial presence of mind to compose haiku (even partial ones) while committing aeronautic suicide. They don't call her Wonder Woman for nothing.

What drove her to such desperate straits? Her conflict with her mother? The delay of her movie? The death of Ellie Wood Walker? I've been trying to ask her, but she's not answering the mental radio!

But we know she's listening to it; we must use it to save her!

Please, for the the love of Zeus, compose a haiku that addresses the cause of Wonder Woman's distress or, better yet, convinces her that life is still worth living. Hera, guide my stanzas!


Rob S. said...

It's okay, Wondy.
It could be worse; at least you've
avoided Countdown!

Christine Smith said...

Poor Wonder Woman;
Black Canary's getting hitched.
Suffering Sappho!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Thanks for the haiku, but please tell me you plan on finding an Hourman signature. Thanks again for such an enjoyable blog.

Rex Tyler

Anonymous said...

Live, Diana, Live!
Your fortunes are soon to change!
Gail is coming!

Anonymous said...

Paradise Island.
Nothing but women live there.
Paradise indeed!

Anonymous said...

Mind the fire, Wondy!
Say fire in one syllable,
and that line will scan.


Scipio said...

You can't say "Fire" in one syllable...

Andrew Ironwood said...

If'n yer a good ol' Southern boy, yew kin say it'n one...

Anonymous said...

Be of good cheer Di!
'Cause once you've had Trevor Barnes
You never go back!

Anonymous said...

Amazon Princess!
Insurance companies will
discover your fraud.

--frgbd, amphibian adventurer

Anonymous said...

Princess Diana
Just accidentally read
"Amazons Attack".

Art Williams said...

Wait a minute
Ellie Wood Walker
is now deceased?