Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Attack of the Pod People!

The latest installment of the Big Monkey Comics Podcast is (finally) on line!

Not even Big Mike Pellegrino will be able shoot boxing gloves arrows fast enough to defend Green Arrow from the bashing that the Podpanelist give him! Listen to Ben stand his ground as it give out from underneath him!

Which one of the Podpanelists LOVES the Skrull reveal? See whether you can guess in advance, and hear who we think is a Skrull.

Then, at Ben "I Love Girl Comics!" Hatton's insistence, we discuss something call "inn - dee com -icks"; I wasn't paying attention because I was reading Action Philosophers at the time and cleaning my monocle...

Let me know what you think of the show!

But, you know... only if you like it.


argh.sims said...

Aargh! You taunt us completist fanboys by skipping podcast number 4 due to sound quality, yet reserving it's number.

How will I ever complete my collection of Big Monkey podcasts? Is there a pirated version of #4 somewhere on teh interweb?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Who was that guy who read that first dramatic reading? HE WAS AWESOME!!! Oh, man, you guys would be so lucky if he sent you another reading for an upcoming show! That would be THE GREATEST THING EVER!

The rest of the show was okay. I guess. In your defense I doubt anyone could follow such an amazing performance, so the fact that you even tried should be at least commended.

And, just so you know, I was born without that part of the human brain that contains shame, self-awareness or modesty, but you heard the reading, so you already knew that.

Scipio said...

So, who was the Bomb talking to?

Anonymous said...

Hit the link I've attached to my name to see just who Mr. Bomb is addressing, as well as the glorious look of discomfort on Wonder Woman's face as his glorious speech occurs.

Trust me, it's worth it.

acespot said...

Tony Skrull in a Stark, The President is a Skrull, IRL, President Bush must be a Skrull, because there's no way that anybody could be that big of an idiot unless it were on purpose.
And my boss is a Skrull too.

Devon Sanders said...

For now, please send all inquiries about this to scipio@bigmonkeycomics.com.

Christine Smith said...

I love the content, but it could use some more sound engineering. I keep finding myself having to raise and lower the volume in order to keep the show from being far too loud or too quiet to hear. Also, it seems to have a 'tinny' sound quality at times.