Monday, July 16, 2007

Flash Dash

Last week was a big one at Big Monkey DC!

On Thursday, we were honored to have Mike Carey with us for a signing; what a delightful and gracious person!

Occasionally, I had to "help" the signing line move along, but, hey, that's why I bought a pitchfork in the first place. My favorite part was Jon Carey's attempt to convince Mike that he was his long-lost, previously unknown eldest son, and that they should write a book together for the Minx line.

"Mike Carey, you are .... .... ...
NOT the father!"

Mike said on his site:

The amiable mob at Big Monkey kept me busy and entertained for an hour and a half – after which some of them actually crossed town to hear the reading at Olssen’s Books, which was very cool. If any of you guys are reading this, it was great spending time with you.

The vibe at Big Monkey was just amazing. I didn't realise I was the first guest you'd had in. I'm honoured. The interview was a lot of fun, too. I'll definitely stop by the next time I'm in DC.

Thanks, Mike; likewise!

Here's Mike with some of the Lovely and Liveley Monkeyettes:

Here's Mike about to be filmed giving Devon an interview (which will air on an upcoming episode of the Big Monkey Comics Podcast).

Speaking of the podcast, we had to scrap the last one; technical difficulties rendered the recording unusable. The good news is, we've gotten some new pro-level equipment, so the podcast should be easier for us to create and upload, with better sound quality. We hope to bang out two in the next two weeks so that we will be "caught up with our schedule". I hope you're still willing to tune in! And, remember, we still want YOU to send us mp3s of your Dramatic Readings to include in the program.

Last Saturday afternoon, we had a JLA/Avengers Heroclix tournament with 12 participants (not counting the staff and me), ably and genially hosted by our avuncular envoy, Judge Tom Price. Thanks, Tom! We even had a guest from France (an airline pilot who, believe it or not, visits us for Heroclix events).

The culmination of the week was ...the Flash Dash!

To celebrate DC's "summer of the Flash", we held a footrace from the corner of the block to the front of the store (trust me, it's longer than it sounds!). The race was officiated by Lance of Lance: The Blog, shown here with the winners.

Anthony, Lance, Jonnie, Big Mike

Those winners are:

Third Place: Jonnie Brooks of Jon Hex Lives and the Big Monkey Podcast. Jonnie is eerily and unexpectedly fast, like a cat all mellow and plopped down comfortably in an armchair that suddenly leaps out of the chair through a window, bolts down the block, then bursts in the petdoor to dash immediately back to his chair and plop down placidly as if nothing had happened at all. That's Jonnie. I mean, except for the licking oneself afterwards part. In addition to the prizes all participants received, Jonnie received a Rookie Flash Heroclix figure.

Second Place: Anthony Fortunato, Turn of the Century Italian Anarchist and Helluvanice Guy. Clearly, Anthony is very fast, but even more impressive is the fact that he wore all black. In Washington DC. In the middle of July. While running. Even then, he didn't perspire; he glowed. I assume his native planet must be warmer than this one. In addition to the participation prizes, Anthony won an Experienced Flash Heroclix figure.

First Place: Mike Pellegrino of Are You Feeling Big Mike and my arch-rival in, well, everything. Of course, Mike won; Mike always wins. Huh; I bet Jon Carey could have beaten him if he hadn't been afraid of spilling his appletini while running. I myself would have beaten him, if I hadn't been slower than he; so there. In addition to the standard prizes, I was forced to fork over, er, happy to present to Mike
  • a Veteran Flash Heroclix figure,
  • a copy of the Flash Showcase Edition, and
  • a coupon for a full massage and facial at the Spa at Mint Fitness.
Congratulations, Mike; you're the FASTEST FAN ALIVE!

All participants received gift certificates at Fleet Feet, coupons at the Bike Rack, and three-day passes at Mint Fitness.

And now, courtesy of cameraman Nate Solloway, it's...

Big Monkey Comics' Flash Dash: the Movie!


Jon said...

Two things: 1) holy jumping Jesus, I need a haircut 2) I cannot imagine the girlfriend will be pleased to be called a "Monkeyette."

I'm overjoyed that Mike Carey didn't steal my girl, though.

Jon said...

I'm studiously ignoring the appletini comment, by the way. Because otherwise the only option would be a duel, as you have besmirched my honor, Garling, you besmircher, you.

distractors said...

Monkeyette? It's kind of cute.

Scipio said...

How well can you aim while holding an appletini, Jon?

Jon said...

It's not holding the appletini that throws the aim, it's drinking it.

Nate said...

Is an appletini a large of small object? How many clix of damage does it do?

Do I have to take two clix of testosterone impairing damage if I'm holding one?