Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Signature Sayings: Hourman

Okay, now that we've talked Wonder Woman down off the metaphorical ledge (with the promise of Gail Simone), we need to return to our project already in progress: finding me some signature sayings cribbed from the wisdom of the Justice Society.

Hm. Hourman's up next, and I'm not sanguine about my chances there. Hourman's not much of an orator. Not much of a witticist, either. And not really--oh, heck, he's nothing more than pill-popping, drug-addled Dr. Jekyll in spandex. Still, I am obliged to try.

Rex, whaddaya got for me?

"Wait--I'll try an old trick!"

Uh, yeah. Everyone's already used to hearing me say that, Rex, and I'm not exactly proud of it. Nix on that.

"Anything to oblige!"

No, Rex; that saying is the reason I wound up with all those old tricks in the first place. Can you try a little harder?

"This IS fun!"

You're not helping, Rex.

"Now for the others!"

Yeah, you're a regular riot, Rex. If you didn't want to help, you could have just said so. Perhaps if you have nothing constructive to say, you shouldn't say anything at all!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Thanks, Scipio. How about The Red Bee now? Bet he makes Hourman look like Sean Connery...

Jeremy Rizza said...

I see that the security guard on the right is doing the old "subtly try to unstick his sweaty ballsack from his thigh by stretching one leg out at an odd angle."

SallyP said...

Harumph. Hourman is positively DULL isn't he? And his costume is dull least in comparison to Alan's. On the other hand, there aren't too many people who can carry off wearing green, red AND purple.

Alan Scott is just dreamy.

Anonymous said...

"...We've talked Wonder Woman down off the metaphorical ledge (with the promise of Gail Simone)"?

What's with the "we" here?


I guess I can be generous with the credit.

This time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rex DOES seem like the kind of guy you'd say "Don't speak doll, just look pretty," to....