Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A New Big Monkey Podcast!

The latest edition of the Big Monkey Comics Podcast is now available on line (and on the I-Tunes for those who have the I-Tunes)! Please listen, enjoy, and tell me what you liked!
This is a 'very special episode', with Ben Hatton, Devon Sanders, me, Tori Tyree of the Women's Comic Book Discussion Group, and X-Men writer, the charming and generally delightful Mike Carey.
  1. In our first section, I chat with Ben, Devon, and Tori about Black Canary and why you really don't need more than fishnets and kung fu.
  2. The second section is Devon's on-the-spot interview with Mike Carey during his recent visit to Big Monkey.
  3. In the third section, Tori and the Monkey Men tell you how to make comics attractive to new readers.
Listening for the following ... and more!

  • Ben's new plan to distribute comics with other leisure-time products.
  • Devon shops at Tiffany's. Yes, really.
  • "You are not the editor of me." Nice one, Ms. Carey.
  • Tori explains what Black Canary will do if she finds out she didn't hit you hard enough.
  • Ben enjoys the deep-fried twinkie of nerdiness.
  • What does Plastic Man smell like?
  • Ace and Wicked Weasel teach Devon how to be a man.
  • My Dramatic Reading of Hal Jordan's inner musings.
  • The main driving force behind Mike Carey's diverse output!
  • Ben postulates that it's not the message but the medium.
  • Find out how the first comic I ever read influenced my choice of leisure activities and spending quality time with the elderly.
  • A commercial for a delicious new personal security device!
  • Devon sings the work of Harold Faltermeyer.
  • We speak directly to Dan Didio, confident that he is listening.
  • Thrill to a guest spot by Blockade Boy and Gerry Conway on a slightly moist Washington afternoon!
  • Learn why the homeless flee in fear from the force that is Tori Tyree.
  • Ben Hatton's I Hate Jogging, 1st issue special -- because YOU demanded it!


Cameltrooper said...

So the bit on the first comic you read got me trying to remember mine. While I couldn't tell you for sure if these two were the first they are definitely from the first I remember reading at a friends house:

Amazing Spiderman 171

Amazing Spiderman 184

Man I miss those little boxes featuring the characters in the corners of the covers and the great $.30 price tags :)

I still dig Nova to this day as a result of that issue where as a kid I wondered what some strange "Frogman" on the cover was doing to him and Spidey.

I am kind of bummed that my question/request didn't make it to the podcast this week.

Scipio said...

"I am kind of bummed that my question/request didn't make it to the podcast this week."

What was it?

Devon Sanders said...

It'll happen this week.


Cameltrooper said...

Awesome. Thanks Devon.

Tad Williams said...

Just met Mike C. in San Diego and really, really liked him. (Plus I've always been impressed with his work.) I'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say on the pcast, and of course hearing the rest of the B-Monk Krew.

Christine Smith said...

Oh, I left my note on the LAST Podcast announcement post.

I love the show, but could the levels be worked on? Having to turn the volume up and down, up and down all through the show.

Yes, that's right: I'm an ungrateful ho. But even so, if you could do a dramatic reading from the Silver Age Teen Titans (reprinted in Showcase form!) from the story /A Killer Called Honey-Bun/, I would burst with joy.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am an ungrateful ho. BMPC is fantastic, but constantly having to adjust the volume can be a bit trying. Wearing headphones while recording might help - not sure if your set up lends itself to that but the other option is to just build a full studio and record the podcast a la an old-timey radio show. I'd much prefer that. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was pronounced DEV-on rather than dev-ON....there ya go, I guess...

OMG I am in lust with Blockade Boy purely because of his voice. Is that wrong?

JohnF said...

It's Wild Weasel, dammit!

Devon Sanders said...

Foley, Wicked Weasel is so much more fun!

JohnF said...

I have to agree with that.
And that was a pretty great issue of G.I. Joe, now that you mention it.

Anonymous said...

Scip, I listened to the podcast at work today and it was wonderful. I loved your description of comics as morality plays. I wish I could make it up to DC this weekend for the sidewalk sale!

Anonymous said...

Upon enjoying another fine podcast (although it was missing an ineffable something), I am forced to conclude that Black Canary is the awesome, of that there is no doubt; I shall have to find some samples of this Mike Carey's work; Scipio truly is and always shall be the voice I associate with everyone's favourite Green Lantern; Devon is the rare brute who is manly enough to own up to his tears and, finally, I have been bested by Blockade Boy AND THAT SHALL NOT STAND!!!!

Scipio said...

"it was missing an ineffable something)"

The Jons, I assume.

They shall return on tonight's podcast.

Devon Sanders said...


More like dramatically read Human Bomb.

Anonymous said...

Can't it be both?

Dave said...


what if someone wants to contribute a little something to one of these, like a fake ad or a dramatic reading?

Perhaps mail a link to the D.C. Big Monkey e-mail address?