Monday, December 12, 2005

Put THESE in your seascape!

Custom Heroclix figures courtesy of Totaltoyz

As previously discussed, the Sea Devils are painfully groovy in their special underwater way.

That's why I had these custom clix (you know -- the kind you buy on Big Monkey's Ebay store) made of the Sea Devils!

Note the big honking harpoons! Those are for making wicked nasty wounds in other underwater characters; they work a lot better than swords, which don't have ranged attack. Next week, the guys and I are playing a special scenario we call "Sea Devils: Harpoons of Neptimus".


Anonymous said...

Those figs are GREAT. What does their custom team ability do?

Anonymous said...

What does their custom team ability do?

Beats the snot out of the Challengers of the Unknown, I think.

Scipio said...

"What does their custom team ability do?"

It gives them aquatic and shared defense through adjacency (the JSA ability).

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how well you guys can see the TA symbol in the pic, but it's a white trident in a blue circle.

Because four out of five gamers surveyed recommend tridents for their players who choose customs.

Captain Infinity said...

I don't even play HeroClix and I want a set of these!

Anonymous said...

Captain, if you really want a set, email me at!