Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I dare not relax an instant!

How amazing is the Golden Age Starman?

Well, he can kick the butt of crazy-powerful Ultraman through his superior intelligence. Casually. While laughing about it. In outer space.

But this is the Golden Age Starman we're talking about here, folks. Tricking Ultraman into blowing himself up is not enough ....

It's taking all my
greatest efforts to prevent
this from blowing up!

Starman tricks him into haikuing about it. Ah, Starman!

Will your haiku match Ultraman's... or exceed it?


Diamondrock said...

What's that scene from? It doesn't have that smooth dramatic flavor you get from Golden Age Starman. Is it one of those later JLA/JSA team-ups?

Anonymous said...

Essentially Starman was able to beat any one.

Except of course Squriel Girl, who can beat any one.

Walaka said...

I believe that it is from "Crisis on Earth-3" (which I think was the third JLA-JSA team-up), so it is GA Starman in the Silver Age.

I know that it is Mike Sekoswky art. Iron Mike is my absolute favorite comic artist evar, but his style is about as far from the smooth cool draftsmanship of some of the prior Golden Age panels we have seen as you can can get.

And Starman is indeed cool.

Anonymous said...

It would be too obvious to point out the obvious Freudian imagery here; how Ultraman struggles to prevent the phallic symbol from bursting.

So I won't.

Anonymous said...

Clever Starman. Time to recite Diamondrock's winning haiku.

Sugoku geki da na

(in English)

Yes, he is Starman
Amazing drama indeed
Now it is over

Haute Corbeille said...

Wait wait wait wait wait
"Explosion will knock you out?"
Must be Silver Age

Anonymous said...

Starman, Silver Age?
Eat haiku radiation!
(in parlance of times)

Anonymous said...

It's Earth-3 Haiku
No Man Can Know Its Power
You Shall Know Only
What The Fists Of Ultraman
Deign To Teach You, Scum!

Jeff R. said...

Handle Starman's Rod
With all your might: eventually
It's going to blow.

Anonymous said...

Curses! To think that
Starman could beat Ultraman!
You call that a mask?

Axel M. Gruner said...

If Starman's rod can beat Ultraman,
Is Starman's rod even mightier than Superman?

MichaelRbn said...

Actually it's from the second JLA-JSA team-up, from 1964 (#s 29-30). One of my all time favorite stories, for the introduction of Earth-3 in addition to the first Silver Age appearance of our favorite Starman.

Anonymous said...

Starman's Golden Rod
is so large that Ultraman
must use both his hands.

Wonder of wonders!
Whoever thought Ultraman
was such a size queen?

Frankie say relax
Ultraman! You can always
ask Vibe to help you.

I'm no expert but
My straight friends say that thinking
About sports can help.

Anonymous said...

Starman's cosmic rod
It's great power made my legs
Come out my mid-back.

Anonymous said...

Ultraman's defense
Against Starman's power rod?
Pointy Shoulder Pads!

Spencer Carnage said...

As a new fan to the Starman mythos, can somebody recommend me some good Ted Knight Starman stories that I can read? I don't want to be a poser..

Bubblegum Tate said...

My Rod will explode
Not in spite of Ultraman's
Grip, but due to it

Bubblegum Tate said...

And a small variation on the theme.

Ultraman's strong grip
On Starman's cosmic rod, Oh
What a big mess. Eww.

Jeff R. said...

(Note: there is a three-syllable pronunciation of 'eventually'. 'ee-vent-tchly', more or less.)

Anonymous said...

As a new fan to the Starman mythos, can somebody recommend me some good Ted Knight Starman stories that I can read? I don't want to be a poser..

The Golden-Age Starman Archives is chock full of them! You might also check out the Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team-Ups TPB for a great Starman/Black Canary team-up.