Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Haiku for Mxyzptlk

Some people just can't help being heroic, Superman chief among them.

Even in his Clark Kent identity, the Big S can't stop helping people and changing their lives for the better...

with haiku.

Sir? Let's see if we
can't get you out of the rain.

Now, to make this work Clark has to use the lower-class five-syllable pronunciation of Mxyzptlk rather than the classier four-syllable version, but, hey, that's just the kind of sacrifice a hero makes.

Very impressive, even for a superman. It's not fer nothing that Clark Kent is a writer.

It's raining, you're headed into work without an umbrella, and suddenly you spy your extra-dimensional nemesis, addled and begging for quarters while propped up against a dumpster. Do you manage to compose a haiku?

Give it a try.


Shon Richards said...

Dark stormy shower
Not fit for man, beast or imp
Today we are friends

Anonymous said...

Omnipotent imp
from the fifth dimension, or
wet old homeless dude?

Anonymous said...

This never happens
To Bat-Mite, his mom makes him
take an umbrella.

Des said...

Oh! Hello, it's...you.
I would help you out but I
can't pronounce your name.

Anonymous said...

That pesky old imp
Looks like he's down on his luck.
Buy a vowel, dude!

Captain Infinity said...

And Batman says Clark doesn't inspire people. As if he doesn't have enough responsibility on his shoulders, here he is, helping someone who's down on his luck. Not tossing him cash and walking on, but stopping and treating with respect. Like a human being. Clark makes me feel like a jerk.

Anyway here's my haiku:

Always one to help
Ma and Pa Kent must be proud
That Clark's a nice boy

Jeff R. said...

This is what I was
Trying to warn you about.
This... ...This... ...How's your wife?

[A little Foreshadowing Haiku from the same book...]

Anonymous said...

Poor imp. You need help?
I could, but nothing's free, chump.
Gimme some wishes!

Anonymous said...

Mxy misses the
Herring-filled skies of his home
Jakeem pickled them

Anonymous said...

oh my chuffing God
that chap Ruin really is

lois sees sasha
encased in a robot shell
revels in suff'ring

mxy was there too
but I quite liked all of the
other bits of plot

come with me, sometime
villain mostly confounding
Hopper homage here

this should make up for
totally making an ass
of myself that time

Michael said...

There is not a four-
syllable way to pronounce

Scipio said...

Of course there is.


Mxyzptlk himself pronounces it out using a rebus on Superman the Animated Series.

Anonymous said...

Scipio (and animated Mxy) are correct. The four-syllable version is both confirmed and classy. And the three-syllable "Mix-ul-plick" from the mid-80s "Super Powers" cartoon is right out.

Michael said...

But this panel is
Not "Animated Series",
It is the comic.

Not "Mix-yiz-pit-lick" -
That's from Animated Earth,
Not our DCU.

Bob the Answer Man
Said it's "Mix-yez-PIT-el-ick",
Good enough for me!

Anonymous said...

I realize that making sense of the pronunciation of a name that consists entirely of consonants is dodgy, but even within that dicey realm I'm loathe to make the single letter "l" an entire syllable unto itself.

Anonymous said...

Is that Mxyzptlk?

Des said...

zMy first featured Haiku!

I'm so proud...