Saturday, December 17, 2005

Vibe Rater

Once again, like Ultraman, I am frozen in self-conflict as my many powers (supersnide, miscontextual vision, superscreed, incredibility, supersnarktriloquism, etc.) all struggle to lash out at this panel (a wonderful Christmas gift to me from our own Captain Infinity from his Detroit JLA collection):

"Is that the best you can do, Paco?
I've seen vibrators that can do better!"

That's five kinds of creepy, Ralph. Even Paco, who's been around the block more than once (on both sides of the street), is mortified by Ralph's admission....

Please comment; I don't have the strength to!


Anonymous said...

Um, maybe Ralph worked in concrete construction? In order to make sure that concrete completly fills a form, workers have to use a device that is called a vibrator in order to get the mix into place.

Of course, that device does look like a dildo at the end of a leaf blower. But that's besides the point.

Or not. I don't know. It's not every day I get to use something I've learned in my structural engineering classes in a comic book discussion, so I'm probaly just stretching for an explanation.

Besides, whatever Ralph and Sue did in the privacy of their own home is their business.

Anonymous said...

Vibe doesn't look "mortified." He looks embarrassed - because he knows it's true. Ladies Don't Love Vibe.

Anonymous said...

Why would Ralph know anything about vibrators? It doesn't seem like he'd need one, even if he was into that sort of thing. I mean, couldn't he just bend his "elongated fellow" around...I've thought about this way too much. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

The context of this fight must be interesting. Why are they throwing down? Why is Paco stepping on Ralph?

What's worrisome now is what Ralph has done with Sue's (apparently amazingly powerful) vibrator now that she's dead. Did he throw them out? Sell them at an estate sale? Does he turn them on and talk to them because they remind him of Sue?

In any case, between her elongated husband and her Black & Decker-quality vibrators, Sue Dibny must not have lacked for sexual gratification.

David said...

I'm speechless...

Scipio said...

"What's worrisome now is what Ralph has done with Sue's (apparently amazingly powerful) vibrator now that she's dead."


What makes you think it was SUE'S?

Bully said...

Wow. You can't even claim it was a much simpler, more innocent age of the 1940s through 1960s with this one.

Nope. Just pure dumbass dialogue, maybe intentional, maybe not, but certainly shouldn't have gotten past the editor.

Ironically, my word verification code is also "vvvvaamm." Hmmm!

Ragnell said...

scipio -- Please, one perversion at a time! We can only stand so much!

Anonymous said...


Maybe you can only stand so much but my constitution can take 1 maybe even 1 1/2 more assualts!

Scipio said...

Then, Ragnell, you are NOT ready for me to post my next Vibe pic.

Apparently, nearly every panel with Vibe in it had some sort of sexual innuedo in it.

Such is the virility of Vibe, the writers themselves could not resist.

Anonymous said...

"Who else we got?"

"Vibe, sir."

"Whose vibe?"

"He creates vibrations."

"Hehehehehehehe... vibrations..."

"Sir he can be pretty strong."

"Hehehehehehe... Strong vibrations!"

Des said...

A haiku for the occasion:

Plastic Man and a
vibrating latino is
a woman's wet dream!

Ragnell said...

I'll have to buy a bottle of Jack Daniels to steady my nerves first, then.

Anonymous said...


My verification word is "szwiam". Does that mean I turn into Captain Marzvewel now?