Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • The Riddler and Mary Marvel are the new Blue & Gold!
  • Hal's root fear? Very clever.
  • Busiek's Prankster always makes me happy.
  • Jean Loring's name bolded and italicized. Jean Loring's name should always be bolded and italicized.
  • Hey, the Guardians read graphic novels!
  • Donna Troy continues her ascent into groovyness.
  • It's great to see that, if I can't see Superman acting like himself in JLA, I can see it in JSA instead!
  • The Palmerverse.
  • Lois Lane is very good at what she does.
  • That's okay, Batman; I never liked Karate Kid either. Still, you might consider switching to decaf.
  • The cover to Green Lantern is awfully YELLOW, isn't it?
  • Superman eating sloppy joes at a mental asylum.
  • Hawkman at the forge.
  • Who says Arkham never cures anyone? Look how many times they've cured Harley Quin!
  • The cover of the Batgirl Showcase.
  • This is the week I finally fell in love with Power Girl and it was because of what she's like, not how she looks.
  • "Edison juice"? "Edison juice"?!
  • Superman getting a pie in the face is always worth a splash page.
  • XS? Interesting.
  • Mike Carey signing at Big Monkey today!


Luke said...

>>Busiek's Prankster always makes me happy.

>>This is the week I finally fell in love with Power Girl and it was because of what she's like, not how she looks.

>>XS? Interesting.


Christine Smith said...

XS? Where was XS?

Also, I this is the week I came to suspect that this 'Athena' for the lesbian women's shelter is actually our favorite Granny.

Christine Smith said...

Oh, and does ANYONE think that was the real Batman after seeing his smile as Karate Kid flew off? Anyone?

SallyP said...

It WAS nice to see Superman chowing down sloppy Joes, with Thom, but I was shocked...SHOCKED to see that he didn't drink his milk. As was Thom.

And Green Lantern was indeed very yellow. And spectacular.

Marcos said...

"lesbian women's shelter"? I haven't gotten the impression that the Athena/Amazon shelter caters specifically to lesbians. Did I miss something? Anyway, Harley is at least bi. :)

Marcos said...

Oh, and XS didn't appear, but she was mentioned. By Thom in JSA, maybe? Or else in Countdown. It's all running together in my head.

Steven said...

SHOCKED to see that he didn't drink his milk

But, but... Sally, check out the bottom of the page. He does drink his milk.

He does!

Luke said...

Marcos is correct -- Star Man mentions XS during his lunch with Superman in the mental hospital. That conversation also yielded my favorite exchange of the week.

Superman: Thom, I don't understand what you are saying.

Star Man: Yeah, neither do I...

Nate said...

Superman in the cafeteria, priceless! Starman crushing his milk carton with his gravity powers? Simply awesome. It was just an afterthought, but exactly how I'd use superpowers, for dumb mundane things.

Powergirl was almost overly friendly with Citizen Steel. Does she have a thing for guys who wear fins/wings on their heads?

Christine Smith said...

No, no. The Athenian place never once mentions catering to lesbians. That's simply what I choose to believe.

Zundian said...

Is it me, or was Power Girl's twindow* a heck of a lot smaller in JSA #7? Also, Eaglesham's art seemed a little off, maybe it was the inker, but between the twindow and Citizen Steel's awkward/anatomically wonky spread arms during the last panel of the initial PG/CS "catch" conversation it seemed like a completely different artist this issue.

Zundian said...

*not a typo, but an attempt to coin a new word.

Luke said...

I noticed that too, Zundian. At first I thought it was a pair of penciller each handling half of the book, maybe it was a rush for the deadline perhaps? I don't mind the twindow (hee hee) being smaller, as I thought Power Girl was very generally well drawn in the issue -- not being TOO busty or TOO cheesecakey, but still looking voluptuous and powerful.

rachelle said...

Mike Carey signing?! *jealous*

Could you give him a high five for writing Re-Gifters from me?

Christine Smith said...


Yeah, interesting things are ahead. I can't help but think this will tie into the Lightning Saga, with THAT version of the legion, the return of Wally, and the death of Bart.

Alas, my friends who I try to explain the Legion continuities to will be smashing their heads against walls as this plays out.

Anonymous said...

didn't XS also have a crush on Kyle Rayner?

Jon Hex said...

If XS did, then she's probably dead.

To be fair, Blue & Gold never threaten serious bodily harm to each other.

I wouldn't let the Guardians borrow any of my graphic novels.

Josh-2 said...

I liked how Hawkman still had his wings on when he was pouring Citizen Steel's costume onto him. Does he not know about fire safety or is Hawkman simply that much of a badass?

Prankster is my hero! Busiek and Pacheco's is the best run Superman has seen in ages.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Groggy from coffee deprivation when reading this post, I saw "Hal's root fear" and pictured Hal Jordan being secretly terrified of roots.

"AAH!! A yam!"

If only it were so.

SallyP said...

Steven you are right...Superman does end up drinking his milk.
AFTER he was shamed into it by Thom. It's a good thing that Ma Kent wasn't there to see it.

I also now have a craving for Sloppy Joes.

Caleb said...


Superman doesn't need any milk. His bones are strong enough already!

And I think it's the original GL who fears roots. Along with every other part of a tree...except the leaves.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall an installment of Flash and Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold where the Flash tries to come up with something -- anything! -- that GL is afraid of...

"Snakes! Clowns! The IRS!"