Friday, July 06, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in comics this week.

  • FINALLY, someone told Pariah to stop talking like Marv Wolfman.
  • Giant flying pockwatches. Complete with fob.
  • I got to wear 3D goggles while reading a comic. I only wish I had gone out to restaurant to do it as publicly as possible.
  • Supergirl's headband.
  • I never thought I'd see anyone quote Seanbaby's Hostess page in a comic book.
  • "I'm already retconning our whole thing." Priceless.
  • You know, if Millenium Giants had only been one issue the first time, it probably would have been okay.
  • Exposing the intrinsic creepiness of circus peanuts.
  • Of course Ollie had the hots for Dinah's mother.
  • Jonah Hex scalping someone. Who was dead already. Probably.
  • Mon-El made me cry.
  • Sword of the All-New Atom? Brilliant.
  • Only Bart Allen would guest-star at his own funeral.
  • "With friends like these, who needs enemies?" That is the best encapsulation of Silver Age Superman I have ever heard; bravo.
  • Jonah Hex cleans up a saloon. Jonah would make a bad janitor but a great video games.
  • Black Canary versus the League of Elvis Impersonators.
  • Don't you think Wonder Girl could use a little time-out? Like, in therapy? Arkham, maybe?
  • Say what you want about the Joker; he is a good showman.
  • Apparently you don't have to be anatomically correct to be the dean of a major university.
  • Ryan Choi looks really hot in that outfit; Ariel, do you know how to sew?


Yonatan said...

wait so you are saying that threatening to kill a group of super-villians on live tv isn't the sort of thing a sane person would be doing?

I mean its not like she had spent the previous year as the member of a cult or something...except wait...she had...damn...

yeah Cassie could defiantly use some therapy

Anonymous said...

Of course Ollie had the hots for Dinah's mother.

Who didn't?

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I can think of a couple other people who'd star at their own funeral. or at least *want* to. Booster Gold and Guy Gardner spring immediately to mind.

webrunner said...

One could argue Booster Gold WAS at his own funeral. He was at least there watching when his corpse was laid to it's explosive rest. Twice over, even.

Zaratustra said...

Also, notice Keystone City has a stadium-sized facility for funerals. It -looks- like a stadium, but they can't fool me. Their stadiums are the size of Central Park.

Christine Smith said...

I'm sooooo sick of seeing Cassie be an angry bitch. Robin lost his father, his best friend, and his stepmom. His girlfriend was murdered by torture then ALLOWED to die, and oh: his entire high school, all his friends there, and the whole city he was living in had Chemo dropped on it. If anyone's entitled to blow off some steam it's Tim. But then, I guess he didn't do Conner (that we know of) and his brother's not a god of war. All I'm saying is that nobody's had more tragedy of late than Tim.

Nick said...

Tim is one of the bat-folk, though. He just buries all his sadness until he gets to the point where he fights crime with three days beard growth and had ears that tower several feet above his head.

Things that made me sad in this weeks comics:
Mon-El and Zibarro :(

Where did Pariah show up, btw?

Anonymous said...

What, no shout-out for Chronos, a man who acknowledges that even his meager control over time gives him God-Like power, has the SHIT scared out of him by Jean Loring?

Yes, they showed her as Eclipso, but he didn't say Eclipso. He said Jean.

Also the tiny mutant freaks leftover from Ray's escapades know how scary she is. It's part of their religion.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I haven't seen the issue I'll have to scan through it at Midtown.

And buy a new sewing machine apparently...;)

Uh, and hit the gym a few more times.

T said...

Of course Ollie had the hots for Dinah's mother.

Somehow, seeing that sentence in italics makes it all the more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

"Only Bart Allen would guest-star at his own funeral."

If you don't count Barry Allen who can't seem to stop appearing for a cameo at every opportunity despite being dead 20 years.

And what the fish is a "pockwatch"? Is that like a watch with a big dent in it or something?

MaGnUs said...

Is it me, or playing a video Bart left (and you hadn't watched before) in front of the whole world a little risky... what if he revealed other people's secret identities?

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