Saturday, July 07, 2007

Society Signatures: Green Lantern

I'm on a new bent to model my life more after that of the great comic book heroes. I was going to start by acquiring a youthful sidekick, but I found it too difficult to get around pre-existing court orders. Darn those meddlesome social workers... .

Anyway, I decided to start with acquiring a signature phrase, instead. You know... some sort of saying like "Keep 'em flying!" or "Suffering Sappho!" That way, comic book readers on Earth-Prime-2 would easily be able to recognize me, no matter who's drawing me. It's just a sensible thing to do when living in a multiversal environment. And easier than getting my spandex pressed every day.

So I thought, from whom better could I seek inspiration than the illustrious members of the Justice Society? I'll canvas some of their original adventures and see what each member has to offer me.

The dignified Green Lantern seemed like a good candidate to start with. Perhaps he said something appropriate while here in my city of Washington, D.C.?

That's okay Alan; I have trouble understanding the The Politico, too. But I'm afraid, "Hm--what have we here?" is a bit underdramatic, even with the Capitol Dome in my background. Better keep looking... .

"I'd like to do a little beating myself!"

That's really good; and useful daily. Unfortunately, it's subject to possible misconstruction. I mean, I wouldn't want someone to think I intended to hit them....

"Here I come, fruity!"

Okay, I think we have a winner for Green Lantern.


Anonymous said...

My battle cry:

"I just peed my pants. Damn you, Scipio!"

Siskoid said...

I wish I was still playing City of Heroes. This series would have come in handy for my F10 key.

SallyP said...

And here I've been thinking of Alan as being the most dignified of the Lanterns. You've completely spoiled THAT illusion.

Christine Smith said...

What was the context here?!?!!

Scipio said...

Wouldn't telling you spoil it?

Jon Hex said...

Obviously, Alan was on the trail of the Fruitmaster.

Anonymous said...

If this isn't made into my new favorite t-shirt, you are missing out on an $12.99 oppurtunity!

Christine Smith said...

Alan Scott is a genius: He has melded the eastern form of haiku with the western sensibilities of the filthy limerick:

Hm... what have we here?
I'd like to do a little
beating myself. Splat!