Saturday, April 07, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • The Hall, and where it goes. Simply brilliant. Anyone who can't accept that compromise shouldn't be reading comics.
  • The JLA's photographer.
  • The Legion is everywhere, isn't it?
  • Kurt Busiek's Khyrana the Accursed, not only because she is instantly a classic villain for two of the Big Three and has symbolic mythic value, but also because she came with her own logo-font.
  • Kalibak's "Hello Kitty" shirt.
  • Joe Kelly's interesting redux of Supergirl's controversial origin.
  • Harley, cleverer than you think and on the ceiling.
  • Nuns versus Parademons.
  • Batwoman. Just on principle.
  • What makes Jonah Hex laugh?
  • The new Ventriloquist. I find her much more interesting than the old one.
  • Dr. Choi, on the girliness of tea.


Anonymous said...

The Hall definitely made me smile. Something that is unfortunately rare in comics today.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Hall as well, though the last five or six pages of JLA confused the hell out of me. What in blazes was going on during and around and after the photoshoot? Also, that whole issue of Det Com was loads of fun, and Jonah Hex laughing really creeped me out, though in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Personally I loved the fact that Dr. Sivana finally found a way to dissolve the enamel from Black Adam's teeth. That this was apparently a long desired goal for the lil' evil scientist is simply too perverse not to delight in.

poop scoop said...

where was Kalibak?

Michael said...

Doug - There was a page that went out of order at the end of the JLA issue. It should go:
- Red Arrow/Hawkgirl, camera at the bottom of the page
- skip the next page, go to the page where Superman is burning up the photos
- foldout group shot
- go back to the page you just skipped, with GL moving the target for GA
- skip ahead to the page after the group shot, with GL and GA talking

Meltzer gave an "oops" on his blog.

Scipio said...

Kalibak is in JLU this week.

He's the one in the "Hello Kitty" shirt.

Siskoid said...

Ok, I give up. Where IS the Hall?

Scipio said...

Washington DC.

rachelle said...

The new JLA HQ is AMAZING! I was giddy with excitement.

Anonymous said...

Washington DC? Don't you mean "Federal City"? ;-)

Scipio said...

LOL, I wish!

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