Monday, April 02, 2007

"Haircare with Aquaman" Week, No. 2

2. Wash your hair with a conditioning shampoo.

It can be a chore, yes, but it can also be a fun activity when shared with a friend.

"San Francisco!" is an old Atlantean expression that means
"I echo your sentiments!"

Even if that friend is a big-headed purple-eyed freak.

Without a conditioning shampoo, your hair can start to puff out into an Atlant-Afro, which will make your head look enormous.

Or, in Aqualad's case, more enormous.

But with a conditioning shampoo, your hair can be supple, shiny, and the admiration of the ladies night and day.


Anonymous said...

That last frame puts little pink candy hearts in my eyes, too...

Anonymous said...

If I had only known for all these years that Aquaman was a veiled 50s "Keeping Neat and Clean" classroom short!

Scipio said...

REALLY bad hair day.

Bad hair YEAR.

Here's hoping writer Tad Williams is sharping his scissors right now...!

P.S. Come now, Farsider; would I joke about haircare?