Monday, April 16, 2007

Heroclix Theme Team: Two-Faced

Two Faced (8 figures at 396 points)

ID Name Points
J090Unique Eclipso108
+ leF004Feat Fortitude25
U030Veteran Batman Enemy (tm) Two-Face (tm)61
le007Rookie Mystics (tm) Enchantress (tm)60
U062Experienced Shade (tm)49
+ cdF003Feat Ambush5
J094Unique Batman Ally (tm) Batgirl41
o040Rookie Batman Enemy (tm) Cat-Man (tm)47


Anonymous said...

Nice theme. I've used everyone on there except for the two Uniques (never pulled them). The Rookie Catman is surprisingly good, plus he has Regen, which noone expects. Have you used this team in any games?

Scipio said...

I believe I have, although I don't remember how it went.

SallyP said...

To heck with the heroclix, that is one beautifully drawn Two-Face.