Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm Super; Thanks for Asking!

Well! As of yesterday, there's lots more juicy gossip in Wizard and on the web about DCU developments in 2006.

Particularly joyous for me is the public announcement that my friend Brad Meltzer will be writing JLA, which is the ne plus ultra for a DC fan like him. Congratulations, Brad! Now bring back Vibe, or you die, because I know where you live.

We can address some of the many tidbits of gossipy goodness soon, but FOREMOST is this one:

"A new gay character makes their first appearance in 52, before moving on to their own ongoing series."

As the original Starman once said, "Assist me to the couch; I feel faint!"; or, as Blue Devil once so famously said in Crisis on Infinite Earths, "Eeek!"

  • Part of me says, "Thank you!"
  • Part of me says, "It's about dang time!"
  • Part of me says, "I will buy four copies of each issue, which will neatly take the place of Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Gotham Central in my subscription, unless of course the character is a lesbian."
  • Part of me says, "I'll give this a try until the character gets fagbashed, contracts HIV, is raped by Dr. Light, or adopts a baby (or, in a Very Special Issue, all of the above), which means for about 5 issues."

A discussion on the larger issues of a gay hero (not a throwaway character like Hero Cruz or a mere metrosexual like Kyle "I dance with my arms above my head" Rayner) has been started at Big Monkey Comics, to which I hope you'll choose to contribute.

For us here at the Absorbascon, the real question is:

Should it be the new Black Condor, the new Red Bee, or the new Blue Beetle?


Phillip said...

It should be this guy. (Ok, maybe he's a little butch, but aren't we all mature enough that our gay characters need not all be swishy stereotypes?) (Besides, I really like that design...)

Jeff R. said...

It can't be the new Blue Beetle because his series debuts before 52 starts.

(One notes, by the way, that Josiah Power managed to go 18 issues without any of the plots you mentioned happening to him...)

Shon Richards said...

My bet is that it will be a cold vigilante type who is more Butch than Butch from the Little Rascals after he's had a few beers. I worry that for fear of making another Rawhide Kid, they might overcompensate and make the hero more like Lobo.

Anonymous said...

I demand more Qwsp!

You all can have any character you want I just want Qwsp back.

Aquamans version of Bat-Mite was an evil little awesome dude!

Anonymous said...

Scip, where did you get the pic of the two twinks dressed up as the AGD?

They are, ah, quite pleasing to the eye.

Anonymous said...

Yeah more pics of the not so ambiguously gay duo.

Love the dish gloves!

Scipio said...

Ahem. That's Ramone and Paco, last Halloween.

Scipio said...

Nothing at all!

I do have something against the facile use of lesbians when doing a "gay storyline" because it's sexually titillating to the male audience, not taboo like gay male relations.

In other words, I believe that the entertainment industry focuses on lesbians not to tell a gay story, but to AVOID telling a gay story....