Monday, December 12, 2005

Forbidden Elseworlds

"Emerald Candidate",
in which George W. Bush receives the ring of power from his fading predecessor.


Amy said...

Ohhhh, now you've crossed the line.

Goofy bumps on the head? No problem.
Noting the fact that he can't keep it in his pants? Admittedly true.
A couple of bong hits with the GLC? Actually, that's pretty hilarious.

But you do not spoil one of the coolest damn origin scenes in comics with that name, sir. I will not stand for it.

Ragnell said...

Umm... The resemblance is remarkable, actually. But didn't Hal serve in the war?

Anonymous said...

George W. Bush with a power ring?!?!?

Am I on Fear Factor right now? I give up!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the power ring supposed to go to someone "utterly honest and born without fear"?

I suspect that image actually depicts Ahmad Chalabi passing a dime store "mobile WMD lab-fightin' freedom-spreadin' power candy ring" to Bush.

Amy said...

But didn't Hal serve in the war?

If you subscribe to Emerald Dawn continuity, yes. Geoff Johns has kind of glossed over that to make Hal younger, so now he's more of an AFROTC graduate.

I like him much better as the Vietnam vet, personally.

Ragnell said...

amy -- He could still be. He's a green Lantern, they only have to age if they want to!

Amy said...

As long as you can willfully ignore lines like "he went gray so early," which I certainly do. I miss my gray-templed Hal... he was so much more capable than this nervous-looking rookie here.

Ragnell said...

amy -- No one ever drew the gray right, so I'm glad it's gone. I like my superheroes with a bit of male beauty in them, myself.

Also, he did go gray overnight between Action Comics Weekly and Volume 3. That's premature, even if you are of age.

Amy said...

Who says gray isn't beautiful? I think the gray temples were hot.

And I think it was meant to coincide with Emerald Dawn, which put Hal in the right generation to have served in the Vietnam War (which made him, oh, 40ish in 1990). It's a lot like what Mike Grell did with Ollie during his run on the first Green Arrow monthly, although Ollie didn't show his age so obviously.

But yes, the size and thickness of the gray varied with nearly every issue (and certainly every colorist). There should be a style guide for the DCU, particularly for characters who make appearances in several books.