Friday, December 23, 2005


For some unfathomable reason, in our poll on "What new gay superhero will get his/her own series in 2006?", the venerable but rockhard patriot, Uncle Sam, is in the leader, followed by the new Aquaman, Sword (*snicker*) of Atlantis. Wouldn't it serve me right if it were the new Aquaman? In order to keep to my principles, I'd be forced to buy four copies every month, but throw them all away without reading them; oh, the comic book irony!

Speaking of Uncle Sam, I got this for Christmas from Totaltoyz, the Customizer in Residence at the Big Monkey Comics Ebay store:

Yes, it's the red white and blue slab of manmeat himself with his white hot sword of victory, as seen previously here at the Absorbascon. What American lad could ask for a better toy for Christmas? Gods, I love my country!

Devon of Seven Hells gave me == I still can't believe it == a nearly perfect copy of Lois Lane 106, one of the most famous comics of all time. Yep; I now own "I am curious (black)!"Expect to hear in 2006 more about my perceptions of this wacky, well-meant story where Lois turns into a black woman. Lots more. It's now my sacred duty.

In return, I gave Devon something you don't find at the store: a custom Heroclix of...
the Viking Commando.Custom Viking Commando heroclix courtesy of Totaltoyz at Big Monkey Comics Ebay

Now, I have to look forward to Monday nights in 2006 listening to Devon shout, "I'm going commando on ALL your asses!" at the top of his voice while wildly waving a spatula above the Heroclix board like an ax as the dog barks like crazy. Oh, well, it's better than bowling.

Lastly (and certainly most ominously for you the reader), Captain Infinity was wonderful enough to send me one of the gifts I asked for: the entire run of the Detroit Justice League. That's right; I'm now armed with every single appearance of Vibe. Everyone say thanks to Captain Infinity!


Jeff R. said...

Was the Infinity Inc. side of the Worst JLA-JSA 'Crisis' Crossover Ever included with that run? 'Cause if not, there's still some Vibe appearance out there...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Captain Infinity!

Anonymous said...

Here's my take on the new gay superhero in the DCU next year.

There's another hint in Wizard preview of 52 that I haven't seen people mention yet.

Renee Montoya is one of the main six characters.

She's evidently going to be bedding a string of lovers over the course of the next year -- according to the article, "one of whom will make her mark on the DCU before all is said and done."

Also, note that the hint about the gay superhero hint is careful to be vauge about gender, correct grammar be damned. "A new gay character makes THEIR first appearance in the DCU, before moving on to their own ongoing series."

So my guess it's a woman, but I have no idea what her heroic identity will be. The rumored Batwoman, perhaps. Nah -- DC never'd let any aspect of the Bat get that close to the Gay.

Of course, there's no guarantee she'll actually be a hero. The hint just says "character." A non-cape with her own series?

Marionette said...

I look forward to you comments on the Lois Lane story. It's very easy to mock and that's all most people ever do. But I reckon they were really making an effort to address an issue within the restraints of what DC was at the time.

Anonymous said...

The Uncle Sam Heroclix has to be the gayest Heroclix I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

"A non-cape with her own series?"

You mean like ORACLE? Who lives in Gotham and could easily hook up with Montoya?

Are we counting Element Lad on the list of Gay heroes or so we all just want to forget about that awful, awful, awful story from he 5 Years Later run?

Anonymous said...

The Uncle Sam Heroclix has to be the gayest Heroclix I have ever seen.

Thanks, that's the look I was going for. But have you seen my Red Bee Heroclix??