Friday, October 19, 2007

Modern DeMedici

Mostly I talk about the writing in comics, not the art. But that doesn't mean I don't care about or like art; I used to work in an art museum, in fact.

So, to help increase the attractiveness of my blog to art-lovers and increase my hit count and acquire a new source of "lazy posts"--


I mean...

"to help bring some much-needed artistic flair to the Absorbascon and to offer it as a showcase for budding pencillers"

I am willing to post any fan art you send me on this blog!

Of course, there's a catch. The subject matter must relate to one of our favorites (or anti-favorites) here at the Absorbascon. Examples of acceptable topics include:

  • Vibe
  • The Cast of the Big Monkey Podcast
  • Hal Jordan getting hit in the head (no head-hitting, no post-ee)
  • Orca the Whalewoman
  • Dr. Domino
  • Much-hated Halo
  • The Rolling Head of Pantha (pictures of Pantha's head while still connected to her body will be disqualified)
  • The Awesome Human Flying Fish
  • Dale Gunn, Love God
  • Jean Loring in any state of madness or evil
  • Koryak
  • The original Starman or any of his villains
  • Purple-robed pansies armed with corndogs
  • Major Victory from Who Want to Be a Superhero
  • Vibe
  • The All-New Atom
  • Congo Bill (no, NOT Congorilla)
  • Evil kryptonian cats from the Phantom Zone
  • Geo-Force getting the crap beaten out of him
  • Oysterwoman beating the crap out of someone
  • Joe Coyne, the Penny Plunderer
  • The Sea Devils (or just Judy Walton, Queen of the Sea)
  • Masterman
  • And, of course, Vibe

Send submissions to:


Siskoid said...

Bonus points for fitting them all into the same picture.

George Perez, you'Ve been called out.

Anonymous said...

Time for Oysterwoman to get a yellow handbag!

Chance said...

Best workable combo that I can think of: Orca hitting Hal Jordan in the head with Halo.

SallyP said...

...or Vibe beating up Geoforce.

Anonymous said...

What about Dr. Domino?

Anonymous said...

Who did the Vibe art?

Siskoid said...

That Halo is brilliant.

Wow, what a weird sentence.

MaGnUs said...

Zundian, the Vibe picture is by my friend Roy at DC Costume Gallery. Scipio, you know better than posting art without crediting it.