Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy

in my comics this week.

  • So does he just know that, or had Clark Kent actually read Pausanias?
  • In took me a minute or two to figure out they'd just killed Snoopy.
  • How Superman deals with zombies.
  • Interlac graffiti.
  • It was so good to see Ira West again. I've always liked him.
  • Aquaman versus the Evil Seawitches.
  • Speaking of witches, I'm no fan of the "magicks", but Earth 33 is rather interesting.
  • I like the revelation that the Monitors are growing more dissimilar.
  • Blue Devil in a Batman costume.
  • Even though he's a brain in a jar, he stills wants a harem? I'm guessing it just a style thing.
  • I though Old Superman was feeling sorry for himself; I should have known better.
  • Good lord; first, Egg Fu, now I-Ching!
  • Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent's Pal.
  • I had to learn the words "shoat" and "bardo" to read my comics this week. Do you know how infrequently I learn new words? Very infrequently.
  • Todd Rice ain't afraid of no Superdaddy.
  • Zatanna metes out some just desserts on Halloween!
  • Crabby Monitor exercises his power of superexposition in spades! It really did help me get a handle on the big picture. I also like the Countdown has, almost suddenly, become a whodunnit.
  • Wait; did the Riddler just say he was going to hire gays from now on?
  • Robin's an expert on women's shoes.
  • The Watchdogs. Lycanthropic vigilantes are cool.
  • Mister Terrific in casual tropical wear.
  • Snapper Carr's smarter than we thought. Much.
  • "There he is. Turn your Legion flight ring translators on."
  • So, do you think Himmler's brain lived anywhere near the zombies?
  • Julius H. Schwartz! That's Tiger Moth, Dragon Fly, and Silken Spider! FINALLY someone followed up on that. Thank you, Grant Morrison. I owe you three.


Nate said...

old Superman reminded us once again what being a hero is all about. that was great

SallyP said...

Heck, it was just nice to actually see Todd, and have him have some dialogue for a change. Now if only Sandy would show up too.

Of COURSE Robin is an expert on women's shoes. Do you know how many times Batman has disguised himself in drag?

Anonymous said...

Julius H. Schwartz indeed, Scipio! Are you planning to include Dragon Fly, Silken Spider, and Tiger Moth in your next order of custom Clix? (I'm already getting design ideas!)

Derek said...

"Wait; did the Riddler just say he was going to hire gays from now on?"

Heh heh. It's be great if the next Query thought Nigma was calling him "Queer-y".

Dave said...

Boy, I thought that Watchdogs story was the most inane and irritating story I've read in years. Are they regular characters I've managed to dodge until now?

And anyone who ever read a Doc Savage novel knows what a shoat is.

Scipio said...

I was wondering that myself, Dave; they certainly seemed to be written as if they had appeared before.

I've never read a Doc Savage novel; why on earth would Doc Savage be discussing young pigs?

Bill D. said...

One of Doc's aides, Monk Mayfair (a world reknowned chemist despite his brutish appearance), had a pet pig named Habeas Corpus (named specifically to annoy his best friend, another of Doc's aides, lawyer Ham Brooks).

Anonymous said...

Hi Scip, where was Snoopy killed? Thanks!

Nate said...

"There he is. Turn your Legion flight ring translators on."

Heh heh..I had to break out some wikipedia and go translate that interlac myself after I saw you put this up. I'll never be able to read a Legion appearance

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well. Snapper still lost his Canary/Arrow wedding invites


Scipio said...

Ariel; the Infinite Halloween Special.

Gyuss: It just takes a little practice. I was a reader of the Levitz Legion, when Interlac hit the big time and was in every issue.

Kara; Or did he... ?