Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comic this week.

  • Bone-saw Batman. Now, is that the perfect Halloween costume, or what?
  • If need be, Jonah Hex will punch you in the throat.
  • Chris's watch, which serves the same function as the kryptonite-laden belt buckles of Clark and Lois's imaginary children.
  • Supernova is going to make a great Heroclix figure!
  • Panda Dio.
  • "Watch your language, Wally."
  • The Extremists are from Earth-8? I guess they would be, since that's where Things From the '90s get banished to.
  • Frankie Laine and Ennio Morricone, for those of you who are wondering.
  • Niecy Nash and the Clean House Gang really need to talk to Black Canary about her garage. Too much mayhem and foolishness in there.
  • Hal Jordan was ... a poodle? How perfect.
  • I disagree with Brother Eye; I'd rather spend the rest of my life without Karate Kid.
  • Demon-possessed Jonah Hex.
  • I guess it's safe to assume that that's Guy's lantern... .
  • Rip Hunter gets rear-ended.
  • I'm not sure which would be cleverer: if Red Herring turns out to the bad guy or if he doesn't.
  • Hal Jordan leaving Kyle Rayner naked and covered in sticky goo.
  • They really don't make bridges very sturdy in the DCU, do they?
  • Hercules working at Sundoller.
  • For those who are wondering, the giant bowling pins are from one of the three deathtraps that Checkmate Jones once trapped Batman in posthumously, having contracted radiation poisoning ("The Doors That Hid Disaster", Detective No. 238, Dec. 1956).
  • "Rabid" Magazine.
  • Love Wonder Girl's new costume!
  • When bullets won't work, sometimes you just have to punch a lady in the face.
  • Hey; Connor Hawke IS half-Asian!
  • Good lord, the Rubberduck clix would have Incapacitate... .
  • Okay, DC, the scene on page 8 of Countdown is positively crying out to be re-dialogued as youth-porn.
  • "Best in Show."
  • Batman does not believe in what does not make sense.
  • The Jokester's final bow. Truly, a class act.
  • As I've said before, always good to see Fox and Crow.
  • Jonah Hex man-crushing on Booster Gold.
The following wasn't in my comics, but it did make me happy. It's Lance the Blogger, who always makes me laugh, on a local health show. The part where Lance tries to describe the only two things you should do it bed is ADORABLE.


Anonymous said...

But didn't Batman already figure out Everyman's DNA in Manhunter without having to dissect him?

SallyP said...

Heh. Guy's Michigan sticker made me laugh out loud. And while Hal did indeed leave poor Kyle naked and covered in goo, Guy was nice enough to make glowing green shorts for him.

Booster and Jonah Hex were GOLD!

Rob S. said...

Actually, not a poodle. He was the Green Lambkin, IIRC.

lou said...

Batman with that Bone-saw was probably the most hilarious moment I have ever seen in comics. The Black Canary/Green Arrow could have just been that one page and would be in the running for best comic of the month.

Derek said...

Okay, so was Green Arrow/Black Canary actually good?

I've jumped on the Judd Winnick Hate wagon (in fairness, I've given him plenty of chances. I hate him because I really don't like his writing, not because it's fashionable), so I avoided this comic like the plague.

But I might pick it up if anyone has anything good to say about it. After all, I have to go back to the LCS anyway. Apparently I forgot to pick up Wonder Girl.

Oh, also, what's the "Batman does not believe in what does not make sense." from?

Nate said...

"I guess I'm an artist now"

Thank you Mr Hex for keepin it real

Scipio said...

"Batman does not believe" is from Green Arrow/Black Canary.

Which, by the way, is not good.

It's great.

Anonymous said...

To steal a phrase frequently used at Mr. Campbell's Long Box, Oliver Queen's last line at the end of GA & BC was a total "F--- Yeah!" moment.

If it had been in a movie, I would have stood up and cheered.

Derek said...

To Scipio and Allan (and Dave, by proxy): Is this sarcasm?

I'm going to assume not, which means I've got another trip to the LCS to plan.

Anonymous said...

I can sincerely report that there was no sarcasm on my part and that GA & BC was easily my favourite book of the week.

Scipio said...

No sarcasm. Loved it. It was THE topic at the store this week.

Patrick C said...

I enjoyed GA/BC but I only picked it up because I'm a fan of Connor Hawke. I thought it was good, but I won't be able to buy it. I'm not sure when or how it happened, but I'm developing an irrational hatred of Black Canary. No real reason why, her presence is just starting to irk me.

Scipio said...

Note to Acespot. I appreciate that you read my blog, but leaving a "post" here instead of a "comment" isn't really cool. I think the thing to do is make the post on your blog and then link to post here that inspired it.

acespot said...

Sorry, Scipio.

I actually did link you up on my blog. (Is that better? Sorry, it was late, and I obviously wasn't thinking clearly.)

Do you actually ENJOY Countdown? Or do you just read it for free because you can?

There's just so much awfulness about it that I can't believe you'd actually BUY it and look FORWARD to reading it.

And if you do, WHY?

Scipio said...

"Or do you just read it for free because you can?"

I do not read my comics for free. I pay for them like anyone else does.

Or should.

Anonymous said...

Kara Z L said...
But didn't Batman already figure out Everyman's DNA in Manhunter without having to dissect him?

I'm going to chalk it up to the powerboost that Circe (and by assumed extention, Granny) gave to Everyman.

Either than, or Winick doesn't read Manhunter.

Hopefully Everyman isn't gone for good. It's rare to find good new villains.

acespot said...

so then you really must enjoy countdown, for real. I'll stop talking now.

MaGnUs said...

I loved Wonder Girl's costume too, about time she wears an actual costume and not club clothes...

And I didn't notice the sticker on Guy's lantern!!! Now I have to go back and look!

Anonymous said...

Lance the blogger is ADORABLE!

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