Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Delivery by Lance

The most erotic costume worn by man is the UPS uniform. Especially when you squeeze a hottie into to it like:

Lance the Blogger
Why, yes; I'd be happy to sign for that package.

Speaking of Fitness Celebrity and International Cutie Lance, he was on TV again in a particular charming/amusing piece on "Social Wellness". Lance teaches you how to reach out and touch someone. Tune in and pay attention for:

  • Host checking out Lance's stuff
  • Proof that the key to good posture is EXTREMELY tight clothing.
  • Lance and The Sentence That Refuses To End.
  • Metropolan
  • Lance wondering out loud whether the host has ever experienced how people treat you when you're well-dressed
  • The host following up with a discussion about shopping at Goodwill
  • Lance advising you to go hang out at your comic book store, using Big Monkey as a model of Social Wellness!
  • The host clearly wishing her show had commercial breaks or were half as long
  • "Go out and have some interaction with your mates!"

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