Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cool McCool

It's been two years since I last mentioned Bob Kane's greatest creation, Cool McCool, a bizarre collocation of Get Smart, Batman, and Jack Benny. Yeah, that's right; Jack Benny.

But this time, thank to the magic of the internet I can actually provide you with a direct experience of the Coolness Himself.

Here he defeats Hurricane Harry. Note the crazy electric harpsichord licks McCool's theme song and the part of the song that talks about Hurricane Harry, which my parents used to teach me the musical concept of triplets. My parents were very musical. And odd

In this segment, he takes on the Owl, with the aid of his semi-sentient auto, the Coolmobile.

Cool McCool

Love that Owlette; she deserves some fan fic.

And GOD BLESS WALLY WINGERT, for his glorious contribution to world culture, the musical tour de force, the School of McCool.

I would KILL for that hairpiece.


Jim said...

Hurricane Harry is the biggest blowhard in the world. Hmmm...he DOES look a bit like Rush Limbaugh.

I loved this cartoon when I was a kid. Now I need a video of "My Pop, the Cop."

Scipio said...


Couldn't find one.

argh.sims said...

Wow. I vaguely recall having seen this before somewhere. I guess it must have aired somewhere in Texas when I was a wee one, but not as regularly as the Warner Bros stuff, Bullwinkle, the Stooges, etc.

Or maybe I just remember your previous posting from 2005.

I should probably just Google it, but does anyone out there know the history of this show? Was it syndicated, or shown on Saturday morning on a network?

Anonymous said...

Since you prompted me to focus on it, the "Here comes Hurricane Harry / With all the winds he can carry" line has been running through my mind all day.

Then, at some point, the couplet spontaneously morphed in my mind to "Here comes Hurricane Harry / Tokin' with Marion Barry".

Anonymous said...

Hey this thread isn't getting the attention that it deserves. Cool McCool helped make Saturday mornings what they once were.

Now, cartoons are available 24/7, and I dare say that most of the magic is gone forever.