Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Prison Rhythm

You've been framed. For murder one.

You're in prison, with no resources. What do you do?

If you're a hero of Batman's calibre ...

you haiku.

I've got to prove I'm
innocent. What's that noise there?
The stone--sliding out ... .

What haiku would you compose to comfort Bruce or describe his situation?


Anonymous said...

Well-tailored prison
clothes. Big comfy jail cell. I'm
The goddamn Bruce Wayne.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Tunnel through cell floor?
Bruce, remember your Dumas.
Monte Cristo, yo.

Take this way out, Bruce
Your cellmate has just sold you
For six packs of smokes.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Wayne: Murderer
Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, but now
Bruce Wayne: Jail Rapist

Anonymous said...

Time to hit the road.
All these horizontal stripes
Just make me look fat!

MarkAndrew said...

Where Did tbe Blue Go?
Absorbascon is snow white.
I feel blue... inside.

Canton said...

Bruce Wayne has got to
Get busy living, or get
Busy dying. -Red

(You know you listen to too much Bob & Tom when...)

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a legionnaire who follows the others around while they are having adventures and composes haikus about what is happening? (Does Mark Waid read this blog?)

Scipio said...

I believe Poetry Lad is in the Subs.

Anonymous said...

Killer Croc enters
Seeking Revenge and maybe...
Abit of lovin'

Anonymous said...

Coming through the floor-
Is that Robin? No. Nightwing?
No, it's... Cave Carson!

"Quick, Bruce, let's g-" WHAM!
Time punch! Cave's gone! Bruce is stuck!
Friggin' Superboy.

Anonymous said...

Purple pajamas
And me locked in a cell
were only Dick here