Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Everybody, sing along!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Haikuesday to bring you this message from the LORHP, sung to the tune of "The Pennsylvania Polka"...

Knocked off
her shoulders
by Superboy Prime:
the Rolling Head of Pantha!
Gone from
to wholly sublime:

the Rolling Head of Pantha!It's deader
than Spoiler

yet faster than Flash;
it's lamer than Black Manta!
Everybody tries
but can't-a
to catch the head
rolling off of Pantha!


Devon Sanders said...


Your ticket is in the mail.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Black Manta is not lame! He has a flying saucer for a head! How cool is that?

Not as cool as Pantha's rolling head, I admit, but cool nevertheless. He's a super-villain and a serving tray!

Anonymous said...

When am I going to learn not to read these posts at work? My colleagues already think I'm crazy, I don't need hysterical laughter coming from my cube!

Scipio said...

THEY can sing along, Dale!!!

In fact, I'm looking for a group to record this ditty for Big Monkey Radio...

Jeremy Rizza said...

Dear Mother of God in a rainbow fright wig, that was utterly brilliant. If you want, you can borrow my time bubble again so you can go back to the 1940's and convince the Andrews Sisters to record it.

Jeff R. said...

You dare make light of
The Rolling Head of Pantha?
You will burn for that.

Anonymous said...

Black Manta is not lame!

OK then, you come up with a rhyme for Pantha.

Scipio said...

jeff: Rollng Head of Pantha Haiku is much appreciated.

dale: "Mylanta" didn't mesh with the subject matter, I'm afraid.

"Lamer" by the way was my replacement for my original lyric "wetter"...

Anonymous said...

Dagnabbit, my haiku didn't post yesterday!

Tell us, Scipio,
the stats for Rolling Head of
Pantha's heroclix.

Scipio said...

Speed: 11 HSS
Attack: 0
Defense: 18 SS
Damage: 0 PLX

Anonymous said...

I'd love to do a custom heroclix of Pantha with detachable head!

MarkAndrew said...

I don't know who Pantha is.

But the rolling head of Pantha is now one of my favorite characters.

Somebody needs to do a series where it rolls around from town to town solvng mysteries and seducing the mayor's daughter.

Scipio said...

Pantha was a not very successful or well-liked Teen Titan. She didn't appear much or for long.

I'd never heard of her either, until she showed up in IC and played a losing game of "you knocked my block off!" with Superboy Prime, and the internet fell into pieces with lamentation about the horror of comics where such violence happens to heroes ...

instead of to nameless innocent bystanders like it used to.

And now I adore the Rolling Head of Pantha, and all that it means. I think it should become The Brain's archenemy.

Anonymous said...

You might honestly be the only fan of villain-era Superboy Prime on the web.

Scipio said...

I have no idea who you are or why you think this makes me a "Fan of Superboy-Prime".

But this is still funny, 17 years later.