Monday, May 22, 2006

Visiting the Neighbors

The reason I seldom link-blog are :
(1) It seems lazy and sycophantic, even when it's useful;
(2) I spend more time writing on this blog than I do reading others;
(3) I figure you know how to surf the internet as well as I do.

That said, I will now link-blog anyway.

Joncormier at Hypnoray has one of the best posts I've ever read anywhere, about anything, ever. In it, he helped me vastly to understand: Identity Crisis, Countdown, and Infinite Crisis; how and why decompressed storytelling works; and why I like DC more than Marvel.

Devon at Seven Hells has posted one of the most, well, ballsy analyses on how to deal with women in a comic book store I've ever read. I hope the owner of his store appreciates him!

Ragnell at Written World has managed to make me confused about my sexuality. That's impressive. Fortunately, I have Dorian at Postmodernbarney to set me straight again. So to speak.

I'm not even looking at Blockade Boy's site today before refering you to it, because I know it's funny. Blockade Boy always make me laugh; he's the blogger I want to be when I grow up.

Huh; so that's what Batman looks like in fishnets. Dinah makes it look so easy.

I used to think Mallet was weak and girly. But now I idolize him for the ironman he is; HE is reading Infinity, Inc, the series that could make a strong man cry. Mallet, I salute you!

Harvey Jerkwater's efforts at Filing Cabinet of the Damned to pin down the elements need for iconification of characters are very enlightening and you deserve to read them.

Mister Fish tackles Stan Lee so you don't have to.


Jeremy Rizza said...

Your blog sets the level of excellence to which I'm aspiring, pal. In short, you make me try harder. And thanks (again!) for all your kind words!

Anonymous said...

Weak and girly?

I'm getting the first 11 issues in the next week. plus 13 various others.

I'm unstopable!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Ah, thank you for the kind words. I do appreciate them, especially, as Blockade Boy noted, from a blogger of skill and reputation such as yourself.

Perhaps you could drop by and chip in an idea for Vibe?

joncormier said...

Thanks for the best compliment ever. You've ruined all other compliments for me. It also made me go do a bit of ego-reading and I noticed I'm horrible with teh grammar and the spalling. That English Lit MA pays for itself!

Now I can direct, like I always wanted to (or maybe write something funny and informative).

Anonymous said...

Hey there, thanks for the link love! Always appreciated.