Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hal Jordan, Professional

People like to talk to me about Hal Jordan a lot (the reason why I cannot tell). But when Hal's personal life comes up, I keep embarrassing myself because I have trouble remembering what all his jobs were. If only I had mnemonic devices to help me out.

Oh, wait! I know; Hal Jordan was a ....

Test Pilot

Insurance Investigator

Toy Salesman

If only I had one thing that could tie those all together for me. But how could any one panel--

Oh, wait.

Of course!

Air Force Pilot


Bully said...

That better be a yellow rock, yellow paper, yellow tremendous force, and yellow plane whackin' the Man with No Fear.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to think of a man who takes the time to announce that he's tripping as he's tripping.

Andrew Ironwood said...

Wow, man, he's like, totally *tripping*, dude!...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Scip.

I dug up the first few issues of SSOV last night. I remembered a few really awesome scenes from that series, like Grodd backstabbing Kalibak and then falling over unconscious but yet victorious, Manhunter attacking Darkseid and then exploding, Manhunter and Captain Comet revealing (to each other) that they are really good guys, stuff like that.

But I couldn't really remember exactly what the storyline was.

Then I read it and WOW! There isn't a coherent storyline! It's just a bunch of very loosely related scenes, and a bunch of unanswered mysteries.

I still think it's pretty awesome, in pretty much the same way I like a 1960s Hercules movie. But I might have to agree with you about how bad it was. It was bad. Yup. But I still like it. So sue me.

Also, it was first exposure to the Fourth World characters. SSOV #2 was the first time I ever saw Darkseid.

Perhaps that is why I have never been very impressed with Darkseid and that bunch from Apokolips.

JP said...

I've *never* quite been able to fathom Jodan's career path...

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what he was like as a teenager, McJobbing it to make money for college. Where he ends up in a Frat.

Every week, a different fast food franchise! He's brutally honest with his bosses and has no fear of being fired!

Scipio said...

"But I might have to agree with you about how bad it was. It was bad. Yup."

Thank you! All I ask is that people look at the old comics with fresh eyes.

"But I still like it."

Good! Because that's the best of all possible worlds.

Scipio said...


And the Guardians of the Foodiverse said:

"You are too emotionally involved in this order, Hal Jordan of Franchise 2814; we forbid you to fufill."

"Dude," asked Fry Gardner, "What they say?"

"Supersize it," Hal replied.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the sense that Hal Jordan is only fearless because his amygdala has been severely damaged.

I'd say it's unethical and sad for the Guardians to use a brain-damaged person for dangerous police work, but then Guy Gardner and Gnort.

Anonymous said...


There is a story once where the only person a ring could find to fulfill its requirements was a alien who was clinically insane.