Sunday, May 14, 2006

DC's Greatest Mother

Who's DC's greatest mother, in my book? No, not Hippolyta, although she sure is a close second, and I miss her.

No, I'm referring to the one, the only...

Mary West.

You know; Wally's mother.

Why is Mary West cool? Well, for one thing, she's a real person. She's not a prize-winning physicist, software company CEO, high-powered District Attorney, or tenured archeologist. She has no superpowers, not even any particular talents. She didn't put a pot on her head to keep her neighborhood safe during the depression. The Cosmic Control Rod was not needed when she gave birth. She is (or was) a "mere suburban housewife."

Oh, and she married a complete jerk, Rudy West. Who, aside from being a professional jerk and ne'er-do-well, also had a hobby as a collaborator with the Manhunters. Then he tried to drown Mary at sea. Mary sure can pick 'em.

Wally lied to her, remember, during his entire adolescence, keeping his Kid Flash identity a secret from her.

In fact, she's not even a very nice mom, really. Mary wasn't supportive of Wally's superheroics, didn't sew him a costume out of his baby blankets, and actively criticized him for focusing on other people's problems instead of his own. She was a shrill nag who freeloaded off of Wally when he became rich.

Then she started "borrowing" his JLI teleportation tube to go jet-setting all around the world, shacking up with some old Italian spy guy, and vanishing from Wally's life, which was fine by him, since he (punk that he is) didn't even want her at his own wedding.

GODS, I miss that woman.

Why? Because she was a realistic person, who, though flawed, loved her son and had his best interests at heart. Even though he never appreciated her, listened to her, or tried to understand her. And when it became clear that he was old enough to take care of himself (whether he did so or not), she said, "I've lived my whole life for my family, with little success of reward; now I deserve to live life for myself." And she did.

Mary West; Wally may not miss you, but I do.

Happy Mother's Day.


Bully said...

(looking at that first image)

That's a man, baby!

Scipio said...



Anonymous said...

but what if there is a lost kid flash story out there where Mary travels to earth-2 and spends time with a mother who DID put a pot on her head....

gorjus said...

Re: Bully's comment: Lord, but can Greg LaRoque draw ugly.

Anonymous said...

Mary certainly was a whiner. The whole nutty Mary/Tina McGee rivalry was some of my favorite stuff of Mike Baron's too-short Flash run.