Friday, July 01, 2005

Pleasures in Endless Series

The final results of the poll on Thanagarian pleasuring devices:

1. Hawkgirl's Do-It-Yourself Pleasuring Center. Makes sense. The other stuff requires a buff stud in a mask and leather harness, and if you have one of those, who needs anything else?

2. The Ecstacotron. Who said women don't love comics ... and vice versa?

3. The Sexosnare Couples Net. "Okay, tonight we'll pretend that you're a lion and I'm the hunter..."

4. The Seven Smells Rubdown Oil. Because sometimes, it's the simple things, you know?

5. The War Paint Lubricant Atomizer. "Giggle like Hawkgirl, woman; now!"

6. The Flying-Gorilla-Pleasing Absorbascon.
Hey, take it from the Absorbascon, once you go "flying gorilla", you never go back.

7. The Good Old Ball & Chain. Needs no batteries!

8. The Electric Insertifier. Needs batteries. Lots and lots of batteries.

9. The Dinner Party Dumbells. Yea, I guess it can be hard to find two other superhero couples to join you...

10. The Benoit Bow. You men! You're all selfish bastards...

Whatever your pleasures, Thanagarian or otherwise, remember to enjoy the afterglow.

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Anonymous said...

I do remember seeing this Kubert drawn story (the broken bed one) reprinted in the 70s and thinking what a sexy couple they were...I clearly didn't spend enough time considering just how sexy they might be.