Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Killer Moth, on Confidence

Confidence, as we've discussed, s the most essential of the villainous virtues.

"Ah, my Trophy Room! The cases are empty now, but soon they'll be filled with souvenirs of the greatest crimes in the city's history! And when one day Batman meets Killer Moth, I shall take the greatest trophy of all... the mask of Batman!"
Killer Moth, first appearance.

Killer Moth has inspired so many people, in so many ways, that an entire book should be devoted just to him. Even in his first outing he was a paragon of villainous virtue. So confident that he believes battle-scarred, leg-breaking Gotham gangsters who frequently beat the snot out of Batman will hire him as a crime consultant even though he's a rich sissy in a giant moth costume; that he builds a Trophy Room filled with empty cases awaiting souvenirs from his many triumphs; that he assumes his defeat of Batman is inevitable.

One almost feels ... unworthy to turn ones eyes upon such godlike confidence. So, what do you think is in that Trophy Room now? That picture Cavalier took of him with Joker and Luthor during "The Death of Batman" trial? A bootleg copy of his appearance on the Batman TV show that never happened? Photos of Batgirl kicking him down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial?

Killer Moth is the perfect villian, people.


Scipio said...


Yes, some people ARE afraid of moths.

Scipio said...

Well, I for one LOVE your blog, Tim!

I never miss it. And you are SO right about the tactic advantage of ranged combat...anyone who plays Heroclix knows that first hand!

Anonymous said...

That picture Cavalier took of him with Joker and Luthor during "The Death of Batman" trial?

Oh, man, I remember this issue. It was the one where the Riddler claimed he killed Batman, but Two-Face completely debunks him using his lawyerly logic skills . . . "Dynamite cannot be detonated by setting it on fire!"

Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Killer Moth is the greatest! He totally rocks!