Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When I was born

When I was born....

Eclipso tried to destroy his alter ego / arch enemy Bruce Gordon by using a giant, red ore-crushing robot.

Named "Roger".


Why are robots always red?
Who names an ore-crusher?
Why would it have feet?
Does Eclipso not know how to use a gun?

The Silver Age is like my dog;
I love it, but it really makes my head hurt.


Robby Reed said...

The robot wasn't really "named" Roger -- it was called R.O.G.E.R. for short. This stood for Robot Ground Excavator and Reducer. Naturally, a robot made to excavate would crush ore. And be red. It's all so logical!

Most sincerely, Robby Reed


..... ....

Anonymous said...

it looks like a big cash register come to life.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there's a history of naming big machinery.

For example, a humongous earth mover in Ohio, called Big Muskie

jnr said...

thank god this big red guy's name wasn't "big muskie"...

one of these days i've got to re-read those old eclipso stories. i loved them when i was a kid. i remember wishing that *i* could get slashed by a cursed black diamond...

ah, how our ambitions change.

this has become one of my favorite comic-themed blogs, just for the record. as someone who writes comics---no, really--it's changed the way i look at the medium. there's nothing wrong with grim and gritty, and there's nothing wrong with realistic characterization. but comics should be fun....

and maybe, just maybe, that means they shouldn't take themselves quite so seriously.

Scipio said...

Welcome and thank you, JNR; please comment frequently! I, too, was a big Eclispo fan; always wanted him to team up with Two-Face.

My attitude has always been:
comics ARE deadly serious and I take them that way. They are ALSO completely hilarious and absurd, and I take them that way, too.

The two aren't mutually exclusive; it's all in how you look at it, and THAT is what makes comics cool.

Anonymous said...

The Silver Age is like my dog; I love it, but it really makes my head hurt.

THIS is my new favorite comics quote.