Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What a Waist!

I've made hundreds of posts here. Spent countless hours trying to entice readers here so that my occasional Deep Thoughts About Comics would have an audience. Stayed awake nights developing the Dynastic Centerpiece Model, pondering the differences between Marvel and DC, honing my understanding of what makes comics fun, moving, significant.

*Sigh* Still, BY FAR the search that brings most people to this site is "superpowerless except from the waist down". Aaah, shut up, Hal, you smug so-and-so.

Speaking of Hal, I'm passing on to you a request from J-Sinn Star, the composer/performer of the SuperHero Radio classic hit "Green Lantern". He wants to hear what you think of his song! Comment here or let him know by e-mail.

If you've never heard it, click on the link to SuperHero Radio and listen until it plays in rotation. Oh, if you accidently click on the "donate $1 to help keep SuperHero Radio running", that would be okay, too...


Anonymous said...

Actually, you've been getting pimped in the Aquaman talkback too!


Scipio said...

You kids today with your crazy "hep" lingo....

What does that mean, Kris?

Anonymous said...

'Pimping', in the fangirl community anyway, refers to someone posting a link to one of your articles and recommending you.

It was in a fanboy thread at, but I used my preferred fangirl slang..

Fanboy territory = message boards
Fangirl territory = mailing lists, livejournal, diaryland


Amy said...

The tune "Green Lantern" is the reason I started listening to Superhero Radio. Just the promise of hearing what it sounded like.

The sound is a bit more hipster than I expected, given Hal's character (I would file the song alongside my Incubus tracks, for example), but that doesn't mean I don't dig it. A lot.

It's a damn fine tune -- I really should contact the guy and buy the album.

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