Sunday, July 10, 2005

Gayest Couple Poll Results

Okay, the overwhelming winners in our Gayest Comic Book Couple Poll are Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

I respect this, but I think it just goes to show one thing: most Absorbascon readers don't know many gay couples!

Hey, I'm just as willing as the next guy to read gay subtext into comic book where it doesn't belong. But despite the closeness of their friendship, Blue and Gold had all the classic earmarks of straight buddies encouraging each other in adolescent irresponsibility and covering each other backs (um, so to speak).

And what a classic pairing they were! A shallow BMOC desperate to hide his feelings of loneliness and mental inadequacy and a science nerd who wanted to hang out with the BMOCs. They had zero problems admitting and expressing their fondness for one another, which smells much more like guys comfortable with their heterosexuality than guys struggling with their homosexuality.

Catman and Deadshot? Now THOSE are closet cases...


Brian Cronin said...

I always felt that people who categorized Beetle and Booster as gay were doing so in a condescending manner, so I never liked hearing that.

Anonymous said...

Justice League International at its peak was probably more popular than the comics featuring the other pairs at their peak. That might explain why they were picked first.

And I think the BB/BG relationship was the same eternally adolescent male buddy/buddy relationship that's become quite popular in today's media (think "Old School"). Nothing necessarily homosexual there.

Scipio said...

No, N, I'll check that out. What is this "slash", though? You whippersnappers and your jazzy lingo!

Anonymous said...

You're joking, right? People were joking about slash when I first got onto message boards, way back when.

If you're not, this is the current hub of links for livejournal fic:

And this is the current hub of mailing list slash:

Scipio said...

Nope, not jocking.

"Slash" sound naughty. I don't do naughty.

Uhm. Not with comic books, that is.

Ribald is one thing; naughty is another.

Anonymous said...

I first heard this term well before there even was a world wide web. I was reading some article about Star Trek fans.

Apparently, the story goes, the term was first used in the 70's to describe the aforementioned Kirk/Spock fiction being written by small groups of fans.

I guess that makes it a silver age term.

Scipio said...

I can't be square!

I ... I read comic books!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big enough nerd that I wrote a whole essay about how Kyle and Connor are totally gay for each other:

Booster and Beetle, on the other hand, always struck me as hetero life-mates more than anything else.