Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just In Case

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Hawkman just loves that old Ball and Chain, doensn't he? And I don't just mean Hawkgirl!

Dang, look at that stuff; that's the kind of equipment you see only in the movies (and I don't mean Spielberg!). Apparently, Hawkman grabs the ball and chain "just in case" the Benoit-bow he's already holding isn't enough for Shayera.

I can't show you more, but just ask yourself what kind of couple's pleasure requires THAT THEY BOTH WEAR CONTACT LENSES?

Yeesh, I need a cool drink!


Anonymous said...

With the glare their oiled-up skins must give off, it's probably just tinted lenses.

Scipio said...

Or maybe Wonder Woman taught them how to change clothes under milk?