Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kobra, on Resilience

"My vengeance will be terrible to behold! They shall fall before me, and my servants will suck the marrow from their very bones!"
Kobra, "JLA: Foreign Bodies"

Has Kobra ever actually hurt anybody? Haunted by his brother's ghost, saddled with a misspelled code name, a terrible lisp, and the giggle-inducing honorific of "Naga Naga", Kobra would be a good enemy for, say, Sylvester the Cat. But, having survived the cancellation of his series (what, 30 years ago?), Kobra continues to tackle the entire JLA or the entire JSA, an inspiration for us all. He is confidence AND resilience, personified.

Of course, you don't hear him called " the most dangerous man alive" much anymore...now that he's dead.

Resilience does have its limits.

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