Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Ocean Master, on Resilience

"I did not anticipate the reaction you'd have to my challenge. It cost me a loss of face. Then again, I am new to my intended sovereignty, and have not yet learned to account for all eventualities."

Ocean Master, "King of the Sea"

You have been trounced repeatedly, publicly, by Aquaman, of all people. You take a distant second to Black Manta, an autistic guy with a diving helmet, a large shrimp fork, and a vocoder. You style yourself as the "Ocean Master" even though a few gulps of seawater would block your lungs and your brain would cease to function in about two or three minutes and for years to come Aquaman would force the guppies that watched you drown retell the story at every single underwater cocktail party and convention gathering.

But it is not your fault. And you are unbowed.

Good gods, is there ANYONE more inspiring than the Ocean Master?


Anonymous said...

I have to start buying some old Aquaman comics....

Peregrin said...

It can't work in reality, that is exactly what I suppose.
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